The Puzzler

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon


Answers to Across and Down clues should be entered without regard to the heavy bars, but otherwise normally. The 12 answers that each provide a letter for one of the four Jigsaw Pieces (three-letter sections outlined with heavy bars) are clued in random order. When all the answers are in place, it will be possible to put the Jigsaw Pieces together in the central frame, with no turning, in such a way as to show what the Jigsaw represents (reading from left to right and from top to bottom). Answers include two proper nouns.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 107. See page 121 for the winner of the April Puzzler contest.


1. Slowly moves 500 disconnected pieces(5)

4. Some knobs save a huge amount (7)

8. Among fruit, a bit of banana is easily digested stuff (6)

9. Seabed moved lower (6)

10. Bound books and other writing, including note (5)

11. Took out legal document about loss (5)

12. Place where experiments are done on the backside of school hunk (4)

14. Take most of baloney for junket (4)

17. Jerk swallowing hot drink (5)

19. Construction worker with two family members (5)

20. Snoozing one pulled back covers (6)

21. Handle long hair with silver in it (6)

22. Passage from Tristan edited (7)

23. Gangster conceals worried feeling (5)


1. Bead that’s red getting mixed up with plot (7)

2. Run a story featuring soccer player(6)

3. Brace track on south side of street (5)

4. Doberman’s nipping shoulder (4)

5. Planning marriage, taken for a ride? (5)

6. Essays about better-than-average groups of people (6)

7. Mount Ararat’s last seen in Genesis? (5)

13. Wager involving one’s herbal remedy (7)

15. Guy with tarts from Ipanema almost straying (6)

16. Two cashiers dance (6)

17. It’s not poison (5)

18. Announced deals in rooms (5)

19. Ray coming from German tank (5) 21. Requirement: new wine (4)


a. Art-funding agency framing piece of art by American with disgust (6) b. Keep little green man in shower (6)

c. Start meal, eating first of appetizers (6)

d. One with masculine exterior, for the most part (6)

e. City lawyer’s wrapping up the whole affair (6)

f. Bakery assistant, perhaps, after the first roll (6)

g. Binder’s crucial part (6)

h. Faint from taste of raw ham (6)

i. Strange Alpine language of a mountainous place (6)

j. Arrange for floor covering (6)

k. At Vail, bumps VIPs (6)

l. Close of military missile plant (6)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped long envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Congratulations to the


The answer to the April Puzzler was “Alphabet Soup.”

The winner of the first Atlantic Monthly Annual Puzzler Contest has been awarded a $150 gift certificate from Zingerman’s, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where one can order from a huge selection of gourmet treats. Zingerman’s is often singled out in Corby Kummer’s food columns as a source tor rare, high-quality ingredients. Watch for the second Annual Puzzler Contest in our April, 1996, issue. Thank you to all the people who entered this year’s contest.