The Puzzler

Wrong Number

(acknowledgments to Ximenes of the Observer)

Clues are normal, but are numbered incorrectly. Each answer is to be entered in the grid at a number corresponding to a different clue of the same length. The clue at the appropriate number happens to contain a definition of the answer to be entered at that number. The recommended procedure is to solve a clue and then find a definition of the answer in one of the seven other clues to words of the same length. Answers include five proper nouns.

See page 94 for Puzzler contest details. The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 96.


1. Three: wrong number? (5)

5. Rose’s rocking in recording marked with an “X” (7)

10. Trim star dancing with knight (8)

11. Guy with manuscript shows hesitation (4)

12. Ran from bee atop the French Duke’s head (4)

13. Red holds new tuner back (8)

14. Cleverest jet loops base (6)

16. A soldier in front of London gallery displays ruffle (7)

17. Specified change of admen (5)

20. Penny Fitzgerald taking author’s beginning Spanish course (6)

22. United Nations shut up by a staff, more or less (6)

24. Milk cow shows in citadel siege (5)

26. Intermingled deer, etc., made to stand (7)

29. Arrange story before new writer (6)

3l. Former Cuban revolutionary houses one melange (8)

32. Butt of story in speech (4)

33. Speck at edges of ovum (4)

34. Repair lantern I found within (8)

35. Cake or ice cream locked up? (7)

36. What a famous director’s called. alternatively. Kid (5)


1. Test for gold and a bit of lead (4)

2. Give new order to a peer to work (7)

3. Dislike gold inside of author Lewis’s mansions (8)

4. Modify shape later (5)

5. Bits of sand, earth, and lime engineer deftly secured (6)

6. Disturb a tandem with a Fiat? (7)

7. Aware of gizmo’s rear not working (4)

8. A female off course (5)

9. Communist roster has baseball team brought back (8)

14. Pastry dish with those French slices (6)

15. Classify as “initially stupidest” or “finally shrewdest” (6)

16. Medley of gang into performing ballroom steps (8)

18. Restore one primarily involved with Art, even loosely (8)

19. Chitchat about meal’s last dish (7)

21. Run ad among Pennsylvania East s columns? (7)

23. Old Scots hemming old lace ornaments (6)

25. Thick gas. ultimately foulsmelling (5)

27. Time Welles after we edited reports (5)

28. Woman’s mate cooked meal (4)

30. Lady smeared mead (4)


“Marginal Thinking”

Marginal letters spell THE FRINGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Across. 2. SU(P)ERNOV-A (anag. + p and a) 4. ROMAN (anag.) 6. GA(U)ZE 8. PAST-A 10. S(AM)OS 11. Y EARNINGS Down. 2. S-I(P)S 3. A FLAT 4. RAZES (homophone) 5. NEA-RS 7. AS SAY 9. A-X-ts Marginal, a. EOND-A b. R(EVER) B c. AURIC (hidden) d. E(XO(TtC (rev.) e. UPBR-AlD (burp anag.) f. SEALS (double del.) g. ENSNARE (hidden rev.) h. DEBASE (anag.) i. E(YES)-ORE j. BRIEF (anag.) k. RAPLING 1. SLING (double def.) m. DEF-OG (rev.) n.SOLERI (anag.) o. FO-REIGN (of rev.) p. (j)ARGON q. ARSENIO (hidden) r. ALE(PP)O S. F(ERR)ARO t. NASSER (hidden) U. P(EON)]ES V. (b)tG-LOOS W. HO(t)-UND X. SAVO(R)Y