The Puzzler

Crazy Eights

In the card game of Crazy Eights an 8 has the magical power to change any of the four suits (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades) to another. In this puzzle the suits are represented by C, D, H, and S, and wherever one of these letters occurs in the diagram, solvers are to write an 8, whose magical power will transform that suit into a different one in the intersecting word. For example, if 1 Across were SIMPLE, you would write SIMPLE, and I Down would be a word starting with C. D. or H. Answers include five proper nouns.

See page 112 for Puzzler contest details. The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 116.


1. Runs in celebrity’s innings (6)

5. Asian’s habit is to hold note in “Caravan” (6)

10. Share with us a dream-inducing fruit (5)

12. Broadcast safes pitch in resort (5)

13. State hesitation about attending to the Left (4)

14. Lawyer: “Thanks for information”


19. Sign of Italian island cereal (9)

17. Joins kindergarten with lousy

youngsters? (5)

18. Muslim mystic provided American backing (4)

20. Hire a producer of maps and graphs?(7)

22. Progress, keeping in contact with ruler (7)

27. Seal group circles northern body of water (4)

20. Pink champagne’s first in the mouth (5)

30. Openings for “joke time" among priests (9)

32. One’s gaining fifty pounds with troubles (4)

33. Turner’s starting after ABC’s successor?. . .Sure (4)

34. Assistant retreating after the debut of my communication groups (5)

.35. Stick with old craft (5)

30. Some Europeans finally raising stinks (6)

37. Like many sheets, not drawn back after bed (6)


1. Gofer’s failure on year (6)

2. Trouble in moving a burden to Iowa (6)

3. Go for sentimentality (4)

4. Shed tears over points in burial places (6)

5.Dislike cap on claret (6)

0. Free, after limitless back biting (5)

7. Heard chess great’s crack (7)

8. Getting back around one. traveler collapsed (9)

9. Private penning article is not so serious (6)

11. Number adder upset about error (6)

15.Polar bears up north following one of the French out (9)

19. The woman’s into ruination! (7)

21. Answer about the birthplace of democracy (6)

22. Cleaning tool in green and blue (6)

23. Princess puts up with Dopey (6)

24. Agent mostly interpreted display (6)

25. Old city fellow’s grave (6)

28. Design outside of hollow tire

roller (6)

28. Load pinch of tea into bag (5)

31. Feline swallows the midsection of the bird (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped long envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler. 745 Boylston Street. Boston, Mass. 02116.



“ Comings and Goings”

What conies out is GROUNDHOG. What could he added is SIX WEEKS OF WINTER. The sixteen extra definitions are given here in italics. Across. 1. PA(M)PAS; shadowy 5. G(LOB)-E 8. QUEASY (hidden); lying down 13. EMIRATES (anag.); island 14. SU(NNI)ER (inn rev.) 15. RENO (hidden); pompous folks 17. A-PROR-OS (SO rev.) 18. DIVA(n); guest at a banquet 22. OUSTER (anag.) 24. PHAETON (anag.) 27. D-AISES (anag. + D) 31. PSYCH (hidden) 32, THELMA (anag.); calls 33. OLE-O; coquettes 34. (r) EGRETS; yellowish 35. BROAD BEAN (anag.) 36. GE(STUR)E (ruts rev.) 37. SWAM(p); boats at the front 38. L(ASSHE; spread Down. l.PERE (hidden) 2. M(a)lNE’S 3. PROS (double def.) 4. STEP S (rev.) 5. LEA (hidden) 6. BOR(N)E 7. ESP-Y; soaks 9. (anag. + l) 10 (m)ENDS; diet 11. SEVER (anag.) 12. YEAR; strict 16. FASTER (double def.) 19. RISES (hidden) 20. A(L-L)-OW21. LO-CAL 23. TI(L)ES 25. SO(B)S 26. PO(N)E 27. APS-E (rev.); drain 28. ECRU (anag.); flowers 29. ME-SS; as such 30. A RM