The Puzzler

Comings and Goings

Nine answers to Across clues (one per row) contribute a letter apiece to the blanks at the left side of the diagram. These nine letters, from top to bottom, show what comes out. Sixteen answers to Down clues skip over the shaded squares; but each of those entries forms a new term if a letter is added to the shaded square. Definitions of the new entries thus formed have been added in no special order to the sixteen clues not otherwise involved in these shady comings and goings. (The additional definitions may occur anywhere within those clues.) In the finished diagram the shaded squares will be seen to show what could be added. Answers to clues include two proper nouns and a common foreign word; new entries include one proper noun.

See page 122 for Puzzler contest details. The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 126.

Ac ross

1. Old men describing origin of shadowy1 monoliths in plains 3. Ball game error, trapping toss 6. Lying down aboard barque, as you’re rather seasick

13. Times are rough in Islamic island realms

14. Brighter litigant obtaining backing of


15. hildren of pompous folks going around town in the West 17. Fitting, a screw turned that way l8. Opera star, guest at a banquet, occupies most of couch 22. Eviction tore us apart

24. Flapping hen atop old car

27. Rough sea is coming on the heels of

Democratic platforms

31. Motivate through tipsy cheering

32. Unstable, Hamlet calls a woman’s name

33. Coquettes spread cheer and love

34. With pangs of guilt, beheaded yellowish birds

35. Vegetable bed a baron cultivated {two words)

36. Signal turn to the right around tracks heading west

37. Boats at the front glided most of the way through wetland

36. Girl spread story about equine

Don it

1. Father of France taking part in operetta (4)

2. Famous ship’s ignoring chief of all underwater hazards(5)

3. Arguments for experts (4)

4. Dances With Wolves ultimately favored ones from the rear (5)

3. Cattle are standing around pasture (3)

6. Stood in train finally entering tunnel (5)

7. With special insight, soaks yellow spot(4)

9. Sound confused about slice of lemon in stock (6)

10. After starting diet, fixes goals (4)

11. Cut apart free verse (5)

12. Vote for strict Republican term (4)

16. Protester of a sort less likely to


19. Water is essentially crossed by rebels (5)

20. Give a pained cry, having gained a couple of pounds (5)

21. Look at California, being in the neigh-

borhood (5)

23. Accepting loss, wraps up game pieces(5)

25. Call for help, apprehending snatch of baby’s cries (4)

26. American author eating Northern food found in the South (4)

27. Empty whirlpool bath drain backed up in part of a church (4)

26. Cure sickly, pale-colored flowers (4)

29. Ship astern of Maine in a spot of trouble. as such (4)

30. Furnish a room (3)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped long envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street. Boston, Mass, 021 16.


“Theme and Variations”

Variations on HAPPY: DOC. DOPEY, and BASHFUL (other dwarfs); on NEW: BONE WHITE, ONE-WAY, and SINEWED (words containing NEW); on YEAR: AERY, YARE, and RAYE (anagrams). Across. 1. S(LOW)POKE 10. T-INCAN 12. DELI A 13. F(EEL)FO-R (rev.)

16. DR ABLY 26. DUIENDlE 28. Y EARNINGS 30. E(MP)1RE’S 31. (S)AMPLE 32. L-EDGER 34. (O)DES-TROY’S Down. 1. S-TAN-D1SH 2. LIVE-R 4. PA ROLE (pun) 5. K(N)EEP-AD 7. EL(F)IN (rev.) 8. RIO TO US I 1. COBBLER (double del’.) 12. DEWY (homophone)

17. CHEESED (anag.) 18. FLEE CERS 19. DKLEMjMA (rev.) 20. BE(LIE-V}E 22. BUG-LET 23. IN(D)1GO 23. IN RE (anag.)