The Puzzler


Like the outlaw of Sherwood Forest, we have robbed from the rich and given to the poor in this puzzle. That is, from each of 11 answers that are too long to fit into the diagram we have stolen a letter, and we have given those same letters to 11 answers that are too short to fit into the diagram. All deletions and additions result in new words. By circling the letters given to the poor, solvers will find, reading left to right column by column, a phrase descriptive of Mr. Hood’s methods. Clue answers include four proper nouns.

See page 115 for Puzzler contest details. The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 117.


1. Examining doctor returned with Merry Men’s leader

6. Important boat’s back in glass bottle

10.Expedition is heading west, keeping at a distance

11. For a Turkish palace, raise bucks

12. British seaport submerged by river

13. Very hot nuts, in fact

14. Deer makes noises like a farm animal beginning to eat

15. Soil that’s rich without containing oxygen

16. Suggestions about intelligence circles

18.Item taken back in before polishing

21. Heard about armed-forces branch again

23. Reined horses around Greek nymph

25. Pony has eaten a card from a mystical deck

27. Earl spars with lively wits

28. Pole’s keeping company with a pet that brings good luck

30. Boxes containing dead sticks

32. Smart, pocketing gold of some Greek actors

33. Left out nine napkins?

34. Spat in front of one tree

35. Comfort Liberal supporter of the arts?

36. You sign for naval officers

37. Doctor trimmed and scooped


1. Introduction for Me rejected

2. One developing regressive gun worship

3. Hinder what in Spain is a ship

4. Handle English chap’s uprising

5. Doctor Rogers describing Sunday school money-makers

6. Something in a garden failing to live

7. The last piece of cake for you

8. Bolts old violin’s back

9. Lights on either side of true cowcatchers

10. A character’s flourish lights up

16. 100 in a group shout about rocking tune

17. Finale, with listeners, was charming

19. Petersen plays make-believe

20. Turned anything but dull about western part of a city

22. Mutt went first and rolled over

24. After six, girl excited a Roman poet

26. English philosopher firm about Central America

29. Crazy Horse’s prop

30. Los Angeles riot’s initial spirit

31. Observe a lot of water in your mouth?

NOTE: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped long envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the June Puzzler


Letters from the chain spell HARRY HOUDINI. Across. 1. PLIGHT (double def.) 5. UN(EVE)N (nun anag.) 9. ROM(P)E-R 10. RE(V)ELER 12. ORMOLU (our molars anag. - ars) 12. YELL-O-WISH 14. B(ROOMT)AIL (motor anag.) 17. UNTRIED (anag.) 18. DRAG-O(MA)N 22. SP(L)END-OR 24. CAP-ON 28. VAN-DALI’S-M 29. (l)IMITATION 30. AUTEUR (hidden) 31. HOS-ANNA 32. NAG-A-SAKI 33. SH(INN)Y 34. BE(ETL)E (let anag.) Down. 1. P(ROBE)D 2. LOR(R)E 3. I-M-M-ORAL 4. HELMS (double def.) 5. HU(LLAB)AL-OO (ball rev. + hula anag.) 6. REVOL-TINGLY (lover rev.) 7. ELI(XI)R (rev.) 8. NE(ST)ED 11. EWER (hidden) 13. DON(GI)OVAN-NI (in rev.) 16. IMP-UNITY 19. EDGIEST (anag.) 20. S(CHM)OS 21. D(AN)ISH 23. REMAKE (homophone of ream ache) 25. PIT-A 26. G(AU)GE (egg rev.) 27. USUAL (anag.)