The Puzzler


Each clue’s answer is to be entered in the diagram normally, either across or down. Its location. however, is given only by the number of a square in which a dot shares space with one of the answer’s letters. This letter may occur anywhere in the word. A diagram entry may incorporate more than one dot, but it is identified by only one. If bars signifying entries’ beginnings and ends were shown, they would form a pattern that would look the same when rotated 180°. Solvers may be aided by mentally connecting the dotted letters in numerical order. Dots will, after all, be connected. Answers include seven proper nouns.

See page 128 for Puzzler contest details, The solution to last month s Puzzler appears on page 126.


1. A writer’s dots I disconnected (5)

2. Oklahoma tribe gave medical attention to skating figure, reportedly (11) (two words)

2. Nakedish punk?! (8)

3. Award accepted by bad man’s opposite (7)

Dark lady’s trap circled by beast (8)

5. Regions of Mars harboring animals, originally (5)

6. Mobile isn’t a very old city (5)

7. Dog just mentioned eating up Polynesian food (11) (two words)

Pair of Spaniards treats twitching with drops (8)

CD Woman’s name that’s satisfying the Devil when written backwards (7)

Fruit-producer’s chemical medicine caused a scare (7)

9.Weary, endured (4)

9. Warlike Spaniard routed ten ranchcros (12) {two words)

10. Malodorous band suppresses scream (7)

11. King Edward got an education (7)

11. Note English Queen grabbing piece of rope to tie another knot (7)

12. Long topped by writer’s last letter? (6)

13. Chopped piece of a log back by a tree (5)

15. Damage from hydrogen bomb, perhaps(4)

14. Cold wind, fog, sun, and, ultimately, hail (7)

15. For instance, a shirt sleeve in man’s grip (7)

16. Money’s returned that is for singer? (7)

16. State of Rocky Graziano after losing $1,000 (7)

17. Be in hurry to get fellow’s handle


17. Sort of bolt one stuck in axles, shifting to neutral (7)

18. Pacifier finally put in small child’s crib (4)

18. Worry earphone’s pin loose (12)

19. Ben started and was the pitcher


20. Spoils the middle of the swamp (5)

21. A dashing of parmesan for a guy with a point? (8)

22. Outspokenly observed, “You’re getting older” (6)

23. Sign outside of hill dweller’s shed (6) (hyphenated)

24. Broadway musical appeared before Kismet? (7)

24. Fifty-one-pound yellow flower (4)

NOTE: The instructions above are for this month s puzzle only. Ir is assumed thar you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped long envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Bovlston Street, Boston, Mass, 02116.

Answers to the April Puzzler


Unclued entries are coins with their heads or tails upward. Their topmost letters read: IT’S A TOSSUP, Across. 1. O(A)K-TAG 5. TU-SCAN 8. ID-I(OT)S (to rev.) 9. ASH-ORE 10. DONNE (homophone) 11. G-OVHR-N’S 13. INGEST (homophone) 15. KEET (rev.) 16, NIL-E 18. EAGLES (anag.) 20. A-DEN 21. CHELSEA (anag.) 25. GAR-ROTE 27. E(X)IT (rev.) 28. S(KA)LAB 30. EPEE (hidden) 31. A-TO-P 32. PO-SEUR (ruse anag.) 34. U-NLOYAL (U + anag.) 35. L-IN-us 36. CEDRIC (hidden) 37. JDCO)S 38. siCOTTOH 39. ASSESS (pun) Down. 2. AIM) 3. KIN-G(L)EAR 4, TONE (hidden peripherally) 6. CORES (anag.) 7. ARNE (hidden) 12. V(ALK)T (TV rev.) 14. TAG-O (cat rev.) 17. I-DEAL 19. HELlE(f) 23. S(O-A)PY 24. RE(A)P 26. RE PORT 29. LO(A)CT 1 33. S(IN)S