A Dangerous Occupation

Paris. The Occupation. The brightest stars of the French stage and screen are fighting the Nazis with art, filming the subversive backstage epic Les Enfants du Paradis. But whom can you trust? The leading lady, who in the movie embodies the very soul of French resistance, is sleeping with the enemy.... The historic situation, a dramatic mine field, is the subject for Children of Paradise: Shooting a Dream, created by the Theatre de la Jeune Lune for the inauguration of its first permanent home, a converted Minneapolis warehouse. An inspired choice: the classic arts of mime and vaudeville showcased in the movie are Jeune Lune specialties, acquired in Paris at the School of Jacques Le Coq and polished at home in 13 previous seasons. After a first run at home, in Minneapolis (November 18 to January 9, 612-333-6200), Children transfers to the Yale Rep, in New Haven (January 15 to 30, 203-432-1234).