The Puzzler


Some of the Across answers must have their central letters removed before entry in the diagram. The letters thus removed may be placed on the blanks preceding their clues, where they will spell a course offered by some politicians. Down clues are given in the alphabetical order of their answers, leaving solvers to find their proper locations in the diagram. When this is accomplished, the letters filling the shaded centerpiece will show a different political course. Answers to clues include 12 proper nouns.

See page 157 for Puzzler contest details. The solution to last months Puzzler appears on page 161.


1. Left-leaning part of table with one Republican star

2. Come down with cold and act strangely hot

3. Ignite Spanish boat of old

4. Mostly shoot heroin, going after average boost

5. Bumpy ride gets king annoyed

6. One captivated by increasingly wavy pattern

7. Cavities filled with new amounts of liquid

8. Ruminant, for the most part, makes bovine sounds

9. Hiss and glare furiously

10. Painter returned mid-morning

11. Missing in midwestern state is royal family member

.12. Break uranium into three pounds

13. Key included in sets for fliers

14.Offered information, Cyrano initially arranged duel

15. Dance with eastern goddesses

.16. Magic, for one around kindergarten, turned true

17. A dentist’s tots

18. Decorate horseshoe out of compulsion

19. Henry votes for U.S. President

20.Loser ultimately winds up in tears


a. Get shock from temperature in a body of water

b. Keeps almost free of players?

c. Kid taking train to the west— cool

d. Bums accepting a small number of rules about staying out

e. Wearing slipshod shred—the thing fits

f. English king embraces no queen from France

g. Green and red lamé shifts

h. Ship spilled fuel around California

i. Waste time pursuing duds

j. Buzz ran, chastened

k. Jokes about psyche, in part, making case for tobacco

l. Fixed oil fee, about $100, for ocean platform (two words)

m. English classic garden tool falls beneath one truck

n. Sec. Baker boards Iowa, sailing for Pacific island (two words)

o. Follow back to church social

p. Drink a bit of liquor at a port in Argentina (two words)

q. Agents hug and kiss, caught by snoops

r. Asian capital controlled by thug

s. Shot Demerol to do some homework?

t. Restricted American firm’s apples

u. You bet in Reno’s rigged game

Answers to the October Puzzler


Across. 1. T-RAVELS; CHAP (double def.) Z. SHIER (double def.); A-L(P)UNE 3. TEENY (pun); RUM-BA’S 4. (m)ODES; CU(T)RATE 5. (p)RICE; HE-A-RING 6. DEA-R; T(ON)IGHT 7. TH(e)-READ; RODE-O 8. SALA-MI (rev.); S(T)EER 9. TOR(T)E; CIRC(L)E 10. SAL(O)ME (lame anag.); (e)TATUM (rev.) 11. w-HET-s (the anag.); DEPICT (pun) Maze. a. STORIED (double def.) b. TH(RAC)E (car rev.) c. DE-RAIN d. E-VERY e. CEREAL (homophone) f. RO(AS)TS g. W-HALE h. TOTE(M)S i. DECI-MATED (iced rev.) j. N-ATURAL k. S(L)UMP l. CHIN-A m. PE(SET)A n. B(ARR)IO o. SITE (homophone) p. PARTICLE q. EDGING (hidden) r. THE(ORE)M