GUY BILLOUT (“Low Tide”) has received many awards for his magazine and advertising work, including gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators. Billout has also written and illustrated five children’s books.

IVAN CHERMAYEFF (cover artist) is a designer, painter, and illustrator whose work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States, Europe, the Soviet Union, and Japan. He has received numerous awards from the Type Directors Club, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Society of Illustrators, and the Art Directors Club of New York.

JAMES FALLOWS (“Remember Pear! Harbor How?”) is The Atlantic’s Washington editor and the author of National Defense (1981) and More Like Us (1989). Tallows is writing a book about the future of East Asia.

H. BRUCE FRANKLIN ("The POW/M1A Myth”) is the John Cotton Dana Professor of English and American Studies at Rutgers University, Newark. He is the author of numerous books, including WarStars: The Superweapon and the American Imagination (1988) and Prison Literature in America: The Victim as Criminal and Artist (1989). Franklin’s article in this issue of The Atlantic is drawn from his book M.I.A. or Mythmaking in America, to be published by Lawrence Hill Books next spring.

TESS GALLAGHER (“Infinite Room”) is the author of two new books, Moon Crossing Bridge and Portable Kisses, which will appear next year.

MATTHEW GUREWITSCH (“Revolutionary Strains”) is the New York cultural correspondent for the Viennese newspaper Die Presse. He has written on the arts for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Mirabella, and other publications.

WENDY KAMINER (“Put the Blame on Marne”) is a lawyer and visiting scholar at Radcliffe College. She is the author of A Fearful Freedom: Women’s Flight From Lquality (1990) and I’m Dysfunctional, You’re Dysfunctional: The Recovery Movement and Other Self-Help Fashions, to be published next spring.

X. J. KENNEDY (“On the Liquidation of the Mustang Ranch by the Internal Revenue Service”) is the author of numerous books, including The Kite That Braved Old Orchard Beach (1991).

NICHOLAS LEMANN (“The Other Underclass”) is a national correspondent for The Atlantic.

JILLMcCORKLE (“Departures”) teaches creative writing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the author of Tending to Virginia (1987) and Ferris Beach (1990). A collection of her short stories, Crash Diet, will be published next spring.

ETHAN SEIDMAN (“The POW/MIA Lobby”) is a writer and researcher and a former Atlantic intern.

GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT (“Great Britain: “That Woman’ Versus the Chattering Classes”) writes regularly for the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, and The Times Literary Supplement, in London.

The December Almanac was compiled with the assistance of Gail Cleere, on behalf of the U.S. Naval Observatory; Frank Garland, M.D., of the University of California at San Diego; and Jo Paoletti, of the University of Maryland.