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Twelve of this puzzle’s clue answers act as kangaroos; that is, each carries an extra letter into the diagram, forming a new word there. The extra letters, which always appear within answer words, may be determined with the help of normal crossing entries. When the diagram is filled in, the passenger letters will be found to spell, column by column from left to right, a phrase describing what those letters do. Lengths of answers (which include four proper words) are withheld to protect the identities of the kangaroos.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 113.


1. Lush, bounding creature’s water source

5. Evergreen shelters female marten

9. Cutting small pie

11. Give a new coat to Eva Peron, dropping on back

12. One lazily consuming piece of cake with a bite

14. Get rotary telephone

15. Put rackets back around second period

16. Temporarily deposit a garment with a hood

17. Get no credit for attending a university coded “E”

19. Enjoyable day in store

21. Plant official dividing labor

22. Hardened site in Iraq taken by one end being bombed

25.Privately provide coyote bait

27. Poet forbidden to speak

31. Finally finish off Titan of myth

32. Went ahead after skunk with wound

33. Thousands of dollars for saving last waterfowl

34. Maroon thread

35. Flower out of bed planted in row-

36. The object going into Susan’s apartment

37. Like having around fish oil holders?

38. In retrospect, mischievous boy on TV acted vilely


1. Hide last of pot in window frame

2.Flower Hour; by a compatriot of Joyce

3. Do song about sponsors’ boy

4. With tip of tongue, lick fish

5. Loving member of a noted Hollywood family, mostly

6. Sheets pulled up for pipsqueak

7. From the sound of it, Hopper expected cut

8. Quite a loss taken by bank

10. Solvent making hole in one shade

13.Promoted Spanish education

18. String along with Spielberg movie—The Color Purple?

19. Last bit of sodium in grinder

20. Get horseshoe out of compulsion to make ornament

23. Verne carries pint drinks

24. Doctor exploits Lebanese sect

26. Crushed under Navy’s offensive football play (two words)

27. Foundation hosts one jazz pianist

28. A Cuban hero’s pains

29. Design aircraft without tail

30. Extra notice surrounding Ike

NOTE: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to elue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the June Puzzler


The border reads: GHAIN-LETTER-HEAD-LONG-SHOT-GUN-FIRE-ALARM-CLOCK-WISECRACK-POT-LATCH-KEY-CHAIN. Square. 1. AT(TAC)HE (Cat rev. in heat anag.) 2. ENTICES (ten anag.) 3. DESERTS (double def.) 4. J-ACINTH (j + anag.) 5. F(I-CT)VE 6. DOCE-TIC (code anag.) 7. P(OUNCE)D 8. KOLA N(U)T (u + anag.) 9. (in)TUTION 10. SOFTEST (homophone of soph test) 11. AGONIES (anag.) 12. DOUGH-TY 13. SCATTED (double def.) 14. S(END)EES 15. G-ASTRAL 16. UFOLOGY (anag.) 17. S(EA)COWS 18. ALUMNE (anag.) 19. A(N)GORAS Triangle. 1. S(KY-H)IGH 2. L-IGNITE 3. HA-MITES 4. HI-JACKS 5. S-HEVING 6. MINIONS (hidden peripherally) 7. SU(N-LA)MP 8. C(APT)AIN 9. TAHINIS (anag.) 10. ESTONIA (anag.) 11. TON-SURE 12. DOG RUNS (anag.) 13. SINCERE (hidden) 14. RE(SI)STS 15. T-OTTERS 16. (t)ROTTING 17. RO-OKIES (OR rev.) 18. COURSER (homophone) 19. LEISTER (hidden)