GUY BILLOUT (“Ecology”) has received many awards for his magazine and advertising work, and has written and illustrated five children’s books.

RICHARD BROOKHISER (“An Ideal Pair”) is a senior editor of National Review. He is the author of The Outside Story: How Democrats and Republicans Re-elected Reagan (1986) and The Way of the WASP: How It Made America, and How It Can Save It, So to Speak, to be published this month.

HAYDEN CARRUTH (“Silence”) teaches in the graduate creative-writing program at Syracuse University. His latest book. The Sleeping Beauty, was published last fall.

STEVEN CRAMER (“The Accident”) is The Atlantic’s staff editor for poetry, and he teaches writing at Tufts University. He is the author of The Eye That Desires to Look Upward (1987), a collection of poems.

BRYAN LEISTER (cover artist) has received numerous awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Art Directors Club of Washington, D.C., and Communication Arts magazine.

CHARLES C. MANN (“The Prose [and Poetry] of Mario M. Cuomo”) is a writer who lives in New York City. Mann was a co-author, with Mark L. Plummer, of “The Big Headache,” which was The Atlantic’s cover story in October of 1988. An expanded version of that article will be published as a book next fall.

TOMAS ELOY MARTINEZ ( “Argentina: Living With Hyperinflation”) is a novelist and journalist who lives in Argentina. He is the author of The Perón Novel (1988), and received a Guggenheim fellowship to write La mano del amo, a novel, which will be published next year.

ROBERT MORGAN (“Polishing the Silver”) teaches creative writing and modern poetry at Cornell University. His most recent book of poems, Figodlin, was published last summer.

HARVEY SACHS (“Seriously Great”) is a free-lance writer who lives in Italy and writes for publications in several countries. He is the author of Toscanini (1978), Virtuoso (1982), and Music in Fascist Italy (1987). He is working on a biography of Arthur Rubinstein.

GABRIEL SCHOENFELD (“The Soviet Union: Rad Storm Rising”) is a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, in Washington, D.C., and the editor of the newsletter Soviet Prospects: A CSIS Report on Fast Europe and the USSR.

PAUL WILKES (“The Hands That Would Shape Our Souls”) is a writer and television producer whose articles have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. He is the author of numerous books, including In Mysterious Ways: The Death and Life of a Parish Priest and Companions Along the Way, both of which were published last fall.

TOBIAS WOLFF (“Sanity”) lives in upstate New York and teaches literature and creative writing at Syracuse University. He is the author of a novel, The Barracks Thief, which won the 1985 PEN/Faulkner Award, and This Boy’s Life (1989), a memoir.

The December Almanac was compiled with the assistance of Gail Cleere, on behalf of the U.S. Naval Observatory; led Moncreiff; and Dan O’Kane.