The Puzzler


(with thanks to Stephen A. Langer)

This puzzle diagram is based on the fivefold symmetric patterns known in mathematics as Penrose tilings. Answers to clues should be entered starting at the first number preceding the clue(s) and ending at the second number. While the paths through the diagram may seem to meander, each word proceeds in a regular way, always leaving a tile through the edge opposite to the edge through which it entered. When a path is occupied by two consecutive words, those words belong in their clued order. The path beginning at 5 and ending at 16 contains an unclued word that might be used to describe the form. Answers include eight proper nouns.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 84.


1—12. Vessel’s split by large swells (6) Whale with streaked exterior churned the water (8)

1—16. Indonesian island’s one research

center affected by recession (4) Harry, since cruise (6)

2—15. Woman who’s kept losing

Michigan accent (6)

Facilities housing fifty props (6)

3—10. Bush league effort back in

Maine (6)

Anglo-Saxon scholar has aluminum and copper within (6)

3—18. Holding ceremony, distribute

rings with exotic rocks (10)

4—9. Middle Easterner’s second

German car (5)

In suite, moved cases (5) 4—13. Famous Yankee manager returned stockings? (7)

Embassy in Illinois Simon rejected (7)

5—20. Question a sailor’s place in the

Persian Gulf (5)

Again, place in race (5)

6—11. Basketball superstar’s slump (4)

Serbia collapsing in madness (6)

6—19. Sav, like a worm in a ballfield


Football formation covered in exams for sports figures? (5)

7—2. Shoot one under bone from

behind cube (6)

Votes for one agreement (4)

7—14. First of batters went ahead and

ran (4)

Minstrel’s verse about one ruling in a secular way (8)

8—13. Sound of bug’s contraction (3)

Egg stuffed into good French mushroom (7)

8—17. Rotate front piece of the samovar (4)

Scrap metal scattered about the countryside (10)

9—20. Footwear containing kcv pro-

vides grist for rumor mills (8) Annual place to exercise in ancient times (6)

10—15. With audition, no call from

Equus (5)

Developed slide isn’t working (8)

11—18. Family member hosts

Republican gentlemen (4) New lens case takes impurities off (8)

12—17. Take too much in payment

from the government for random drawing (6) Confederate picks up iodine container (4)

19-14. For hearing, apprehend witnesses (4)

Collector of oddities ready to eat sandwiches left in front of yard (6)

NOTE: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues, for a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the July Puzzler


Across. l.THlN(g) 4. UN(ICY)CLE 9. ARE(N)A l0. RATA-PL AN 11 . MAR-A-THOX(g) 13. TRAMS (rev.) 14. TO(OM)UCH 15. O-NTCE 1 7. SIGIHTI)N-G (hit anag.) 19.OUTSTARE (anag.) 21. .SE(CO)NI) 23. L-AR(G)F: 26. T(HKRM)ALLY 29. SPADEFUL (anag.) 31.S-ANS 33. TARNISH (pun) 35. INCAS-F; 36. D(ECIM)AL (rev.) 37.COR(ROD)H 38. NAVE(L)S 39. STERNE-R 40. D-RONES (rev.) Down. 1. T(RAIN)EE 2. HF.-ROI-C 3. NATO (even letters) 4. N(A)OMIS (rev.) 5. CATC(H)ALL 6. C-LAV1(E.)R (rival rev.) 7. LAMINA (rev.) 8. ENSIGN (hidden) 9. B(AMB)OOS 12. HOST (double def.) 16. c:o;0)ED 18. TRAYS (stray with s moved) 20. UNREASON (anag.) 22. CHANCR)E 24. G(UNW)ALE 25. E(AS)ELS 27. LA-UNDER 28. EL-LIE 29. AS PICS 30. PI(NO)T 32. BAR(ME)N 34. O-SCAR