MARK CRISPIN MILLER ( “Hollywood: The Ad”) teaches at Johns Hopkins University, where he heads the media studies program. He is the author of Boxed In: The Culture of TV (1988). Miller’s article in this issue will be included in a collection of essays, Seeing Through Movies, to be published in June by Pantheon.

NICHOLAS GAETANO (cover artist) is an illustrator and abstract painter who lives in New Jersey. Gaetano’s work has been widely exhibited in the United States and Japan.

MARY GORDON (“A Moral Choice”) is a novelist and short-story writer. She is the author of Final Payments (1978), The Company of Women (1981), Men and Angels (1985), Temporary Shelter (1987), and The Other Side (1989). Gordon is currently working on a collection of essays.

MARTHA BAYLES (“Feminism and Abortion”) is a cultural critic who contributes a regular column to The Wall Street Journal. She is writing a critical history of popular music.

DAVID LAWDAY (“Europe: ‘Unity’ Spells Trouble”) is a correspondent for U.S. News & World Report. He lives in Paris.

BRENDAN MURPHY (“Venice: Job’s People”) is a financial writer for United Press International. He was previously a correspondent for various newspapers, based in Paris and Rome. Murphy is the author of The Butcher of Lyon (1983), about the Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, and Turncoat (1987), about the British traitor I larold Cole.

ALAN AINSWORTH (“The Frank Review Interviews Interviews Hugh Frank [No Relation]”) received the Academy of American Poets prize from Rice University in 1986 and 1987.

WALTER McDONALD ( “The Goats of Summer”) is the Horn Professor of English at Texas Tech University, in Lubbock. His most recent book of poems, Night Landings, was published last year.

JESSICA TREADWAY (“Outside”) studied creative writing at Boston University and is at work on a collection of short stories. She is also an editor of Northeastern University’s alumni magazine.

FRANCIS DAVIS (“Infamous”), the jazz critic for The Philadelphia Inquirer, writes frequently about music for The Atlantic.

SANFORD SCHWARTZ (“A Toylike Realm”) is the author of Artists and Writers, to be published this spring.

BERNARD KNOX (“The Wickedness That Was Rome”) was the director of the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies from 1961 to 1985. He is the author of numerous books, and was an editor of and a contributor to The Cambridge History of Classical Literature (1985).

DAVID M. KENNEDY ( “American Medici”) is a professor of history and American studies at Stanford University. His books include Over Here: The First World War and American Society (1980).

BLAYNE CUTLER (“At Last Count: Lies and Evasions”) is a senior editor of American Demographics.

The April Almanac was compiled with the assistance of Gail Cleere, on behalf of the U.S. Naval Observatory; Ted Moncreiff; the U. S. Bureau of the Census; The Wilderness Society; and the National Wetlands Inventory Project.