The Hustons

by Lawrence Grobel. Scribner’s, $24.95. Mr. Grobel has undertaken the group biography of a three-generation theatrical dynasty. Among them, the Hustons have done, or tried, practically everything possible, from vaudeville (the patriarch, Walter, began as a song-and-dance man), through serious drama, to film acting, directing, and script-writing (his son John did them all). The careers of the grandchildren, Angelica, Danny, and Tony, are not yet so comprehensive, presumably merely through lack of time. The author’s biographical method in dealing with these assorted (and in John’s case decidedly difficult) people appears to have been to interview everyone who ever knew any of them and to record, with very little critical appraisal, whatever he was told. The result is a great deal of trivia intermixed with information, which will fascinate enthusiasts of show business.