The Puzzler


Answers to clues should be entered without regard to the heavy bars, but otherwise normally. When all the answers have been filled in, it will be possible to place the four outlined jigsaw pieces into the central frame, with no turning necessary, in such a way as to form a message reading from left to right and from top to bottom. Clue answers include eight proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 110.


1. Pass out in health clubs (4)

5. clean drive off, needing booster (7)

11. Alternate baloney swallowed (6)

12. Name taken by men and women (4)

13. Speech specialist in Turning Point waits (9)

14. Measuring standard deviation of timer, on average (6)

15. Very American composer (5)

16. Portly British politician tucked into drink (5)

17.Sounder earns bucks (5)

20. Open passage turned north (4)

21. One in 150 married still (4)

26.Henry’s bundles of rope (5)

28. Ambivalent poet? (5)

29. Far-out segment of Soul Train (5)

31. Gaunt eccentric eating nothing sweet (6)

32. Bearing legal claim, elect new buyers (9)

33. Listened to weary African (4)

34. Direction to veer wildly! (6)

35. Chatter about quiet mother’s veil (7)

36. Current CW singer Arnold (4)


1. Abstract, hot sounds (7)

2. Dances given excellent introductions (6)

3. Support caging sailor’s bird (8)

4. Composer in South American neckwear (5)

6. Crowd attended, reportedly (4)

7. A young lady’s out of place (5)

8. Planted among vegetables, one seed comes up with flowers (8)

9. Blames on applications (6)

10. CIA forerunner accepts auto trophies (6)

18. A decade passed among equals (8)

19. Furnish piece of land, around $100 down (8)

22. Flower in my upper hand (7)

23. Plump college mate (0)

24. Explorer’s scarf wrapped around robe (6)

25. Mind comprehends a little better (6)

27. Month after transfer of property to state capital (5)

28. Musical group makes zero profit (5)

30. Stamp of approval is gained by Virginia (4)

NOTE: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the August Puzzles


1.a. (t)RAILlNG b. G(RA)INS c. S(ho)T-RAW d. W-HOLE 2.a. ENTHRONE (anag.) b. (h)EDGED c. DR-O-PIN d. N(A)IL’S 3.a. SHEA-THIN-G b. GOC-ART (cog rev.) c. T-A-STES (rev.) d. S-CUBA 4.a. ANTIGEN (anag.) b. NO(S)H c. HAREM (hidden) 5.a. MUSKRATS (rev.) b. STAG-N-ANT c. TEA-L d. LO(N)G 6.a. G-RATINGS b. SIESTA (anag.) c. A-TH(LET)E d. EDI(C)T 7.a. TOCSINS (homoph.) b. S(TI)PEND (it rev.) c. D(E-E)P d. PAGES (double def.) 8.a. SNEE(Z-IE)R b. REGNA-NT (anger rev.) c. TEC (anag.) d. CLIP (double def.) 9.a. P(ROTE)INS b. SIR (is rev.) c. RHO (hidden) d. O(HI)-O e. OWNS (anag.)


“A Cincinnati TV anchorman suggested, ‘How about a bite?’ . . . I envisioned roast duck and red cabbage in one of the city’s celebrated German restaurants. To my grievous disappointment, he had something else in mind: a sound bite in a TV studio.”

—Studs Terkel, The Great Divide