The Puzzler


Answers to clues may be entered in the diagram normally, with the following exceptions: Each stripe has one of its squares occupied by a pair of letters; these pairs, taken together, constitute a whole. And each column has one letter removed to its correspondingly lettered star in the upper left; taken in order, these letters will spell an appropriate phrase. Answers include four proper nouns and a less-than-common word at 11 Across.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 96.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m


1. flag containing sphere acted as a banner

7. Standard cut veggie

8. Seize back most of work with instrument

9. Listened to staff’s question

10. Spray tea mug if cracked

11. Fifty-one hundred dollars to resistance’s old officers

13.Attacks as a drum is beaten

17.Swift’s mean about politicians, primarily

20. Struggle with animal in show

21. Doctor in group chewed candy

22. Give out temperature in match

24. Viewer of incipient shady deal

26. Packed gear, including skirt

27. Around third of July, Daphne ran off with bum

28.Complaint from fellow about nothing

30. Furniture movers getting label backward in front

32. Soft, low yard

33. Look around a radical Texas town

34. Loudly expresses displeasure with bulk

35. With one in five, pierce drapery

36. Small spear in grating

37. A deer’s swimming in body of water (two words)


1. Liar is shifty but fails

2. Frank’s aboard Air Force One in unmade bed (two words)

3. Pal adopts mantra for headache remedy

4. Reach reptilian rage?

5. Muffling string, played with diminished force

6. Stag bounding past tree

12.Help a boy pitching, catching rare curve

14. Sounded churlish and cross

15. Simple plant stuck in morning mass mixture

16. Engrossed in Rawhide episode

18. Rebuffs Spanish vessels

19. One seller stirred up volunteers

20. Revolutionary woman collecting English garments

21. Newspaper covering Moon-related reverses in bits

22. Bad dude gets prison beat

23. “Island connection,”Juan said

25. Announced ride to market

29. In column, I suggest

30. Wander after Democrat’s crowd

31. Quarrel about right shrink

NOTE: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. Fora complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the June Puzzles


The Alphanagrams to be entered in the diagram appear in italics.

Across. 1. J-ACINTH (j + anag.) 2. TES-T-BAN (rev.) 3.S(W)ATS 4, KE(T-T)LES (sleek anag.) 5. B-R(A-Q)UE 6. LA(CON)IC 7. B-RAINED 8. FRUG-A-L 9. IN(S)ERT 10.T(EAR)IKR 11. LI(V)ABLE 12. RA TITE (anag.) 13.GEN-TLE-R (let anag.) 14. EMERY (hidden) 15. TRESSED (rev.) 16. SEEDERS (homoph.) Down. A. G(A-RN)ER arrange B. UNREAL (anag.) nebular C.ORLMATE enactor D. TRUEST’ (anag.) trusted E. ELDEST (hidden) steeled F. EN-CORE (homoph.) enforce G. COURSE (homoph.) scourge H.CAN(ON)S chanson I. TIN-OLE (leg anag.) lignite J.GlB(B)ON (anag. + b) jobbing K. DI-SNEY (rev.) kidneys L. T HROES (t + anag.) holster M. LIAN(A)S (rev.) animals N. BE-AT-LE tenable O. STAR-ED torsade P. LESSEN (homoph.) spleens Q. UNITES (rev.) inquest R. C-ACT(U)S accurst S. LETTER (double def.) trestle T. RE(GA)IN tangter U. AN(T)LER (anag. + t) neutral V. RE-LIES servile W SHAVER (hidden) wharves X. MA-LICE exclaim Y. RIBBF.R (i for o in robber) bribery Z. REP-EAT trapeze