The Puzzler


The six-letter answer to each Down clue, before being entered in the grid, must be anagrammed (have its letters rearranged) along with a seventh letter. In each case the seventh letter is the one that labels that Down clue. For example, the answer to clue Z must be anagrammed with a Z added. Locations of these entries may be found with the help of the Acrosses, which are normal. Answers include three proper nouns; less-than-common words are 1 Across, 12 Across, and the Down diagram word formed with the addition of O.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 98.


1. With J, anagram can hit mineral (7)

2. Return to seize tritium prepared for weapons pact (7) (two words)

3. Exams covering western strikes (5)

4. Two tons loaded into sleek new vessels (7)

5. Bee (a queen) captured by herb artist (6)

6. Scam described by secular brief (7)

7. Bishop fell, getting hit on the head (7)

8. After 1960s dance, a lady gets tight (6)

9. Still holding second extra page (6)

10. Sadder row about listener (7)

11. Apt housing 5 in decent condition (7)

12. Emu-like bird in strange attire (6)

13. Nicer general let off soldier at the rear (7)

14. See, Meryl displays polish (5)

15. Counter dish is locked? (7)

16. People planting trees by the sound (7)


A. Make a collection for a nurse in Germany

B. Fantastic neural disorder

C. Captivating navy, make a speech fancy

D. Sutter pitches with greatest accuracy

E. Longest-lasting part of hotel destroyed

F. Speaking about military unit again

G. Announced rough part of curriculum

H. Jails holding on to laws of churches

I. Prickly feeling can hurt leg

J. Ape is big on bananas, eating first of bunch

K. Urges I’d rejected for a movie company

L. Struggles with head of the rocking horse

M. Gastropod turned around a bunch of vines

N. Rock musician live at The Parisian

O. Celebrity Asner took a long look

P. Reduce in exercise for audience

Q. Organizes backward group in University

R. 100 laws about uranium plant

S. Mail for a rent collector?

T. Get back in control outside Georgia

U. Learn wrongly about Teagarden’s first horn

V. Leans on false tales

W. Some sharks have ravaged a youngster

X. Mom has bugs and bad blood

Y. Joker and thief getting one for nothing

Z. Congressman has to dine in state again

Note: I he instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass, 02116.

Answers to the May Puzzles


Be sure to look both ways.

1.BRID(G)E; DA(BB)LE 2. LEG-ATE; E(ME)NDS 3. A-L-ARMS; ESPRIT (anag.) 4.T(UR)EEN; ATRI(U)M 5.L(ARK)ED; SP(R)AIN 6. (S)SENDER (rev.); ALBED-O (anag. + o) 7. KIT-TEN (net rev.); G-RITTY (G + anag.) 8. S(N)OWED; DOG(GI)E 9. DAMS-EL; LO-VVEST 10. TA1L-OR; DO-YENS 11. OP-E(NE)D; O-SCARS 12. PE(KO)ES (rev.); BROKER (double def.) 13. RIB-B-ON; OBT(US)E (to be anag.) 14.CO(R)PSE; P-ROPEL 15. PO(TEN)T; ROTARY(g) (rev.) 16. NE(PHE)W; CHASER (anag.) 17. SEE-SAW; RENE-WS 18. DISBAR (anag.); ENNE-AD (homonym of any) 19.DR(ESS)Y; S(LOW)LY 20. BI(PE)DS; S(P)EEDY


“My standard breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, jelly, and orange juice, with coffee. . . . contains every element I crave: caffeine, salt, sugar, cholesterol, and fat. ... In California, . . . the very act of eating such a meal is regarded as a suicide attempt.”

—Sue Grafton, B Is for Burglar