The Puzzler


(Acknowledgments to Henry Hook)

Clues for this puzzle’s entries are given in pairs. Each pair of answers (all of which are six-letter words) intersects in the correspondingly numbered square in the diagram; either clue, Across or Down, may be given first. When all answers have been entered, a message to solvers will appear in the numbered squares, reading from 1 to 20. Answers include one proper noun.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 100.


1. Cross Checking, finally, has mate crossing

Glen takes shot with putter

2. Emissary had a meal after portion of a trip

Corrects this writer in margins

3. Glimpse of animal with 50 tentacles causes terror

Priest stirred Solidarity

4. Container from Sumerian site held by young person

Court has a fit about uranium

5. Guided around boat, had a ball European land restricts right to twist

6. Mailer dipped over near-flush Shininess of blade obscured ring

7. Set trap the wrong way for small creature

Game for all ages—try it out

8. North, in broadcast, deceived Pup’s grunt smothered by Italian official

9. Girl obstructs train Behold Mae’s bottom

10. Follow alternative style Senior members make washes

11. Started to read newspaper section about New England

Circle marks awards

12. Hot liquids from well inside ooze back

Agent with less money

13. Strip tease bachelor planned

Dull to be traveling around America

14. Stiff resistance encountered in thicket

Pitcher left after line drive

15. Strong drug takes perfect score Spinning backward, spinner loses head

16. Novel about piano man’s relative Search all over for drink

17. Alternate witness identified Begins again with Descartes and Gilbert

18. Exclude Bird as injured Group of nine heard some commercial

19. Elegant curve in desert Base captured by scheming deliberately

20. Upstanding types giving orders around gym

Rear of ship in run-down fleet

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzl e only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher cl :s. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the April Puzzles


“A primitive artist is an amateur whose work sells."—Grandma Moses

1. G(R)OAT 2. G(RASP)ER 3. A(fa) R-RIVER 4. ARTISAN (anag.) 5. N-AMES 6. MAIL-LOT 7. TO(R)T-ILL-AS 8. PROVISION (anag.) 9. OVERMASTS (anag.) 10.S(EA) MILE 11. MAN-AGED 12. REST-A-TING 13. INPATIENT (anag.) 14. REINING IN (homoph.) 15.SEEDL(IN)-GS 16. MO(U)LTED (anag. + u) 17. NAOM-I (moan rev.) 18. STAI(NE)D 19. LEAD LINES (anag.) 20. BASELINER (anag.) 21. CA-LAB-R(I)AN 22. CAM(P)FIRES (anag. + p) 23. IR(RE(REGUL)A-R (Luger rev.) 24. E(LEG)ANT (neat anag.) 25.AL-ATE 26.ME.-DULL A 27. AF(FIR)MERS (frames anag.) 28. W(ALL)E-D OFF 29. UNHELPFUL (anag.) 30. OVERRULED (anag.) 31.E(LEVON)S (rev.) 32.T(E’EN)IER 33. EIDERDOWN (anag.) 34. G-AVER-NO-US (on rev.) 35. DESCARTES (hidden) 36.TAKE-S ON (Kate anag.) 37. S(TEN)O 38. ONE-I’D-AS 39. SA(L)VAGE 40. LE(GAT)’S 41. SE(A)TS