The Puzzler


The answer to each clue is to be entered sequentially, clockwise or counterclockwise, around its correspondingly numbered diamond. In each case one letter is removed to the central diamond. Neighboring answers should help in determining which letter is removed and in which direction the answer runs. Fiveletter and seven-letter entries begin and end their diamond-skirting sequences at the border—that is, they never jump from one edge space to another; nineletter answers may begin in any space. When all answers have been properly entered, a quotation will be spelled out in the numbered diamonds from 1 to 41. The author of the quotation will appear in the shaded spaces, reading from left to right and top to bottom. Answers include somewhat uncommon words at 6, 9, 25, and 31, a British spelling, and four proper words.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 92.


1. Capricorn takes astrologer’s last four pennies (5)

2. Someone understanding German keeps file (7)

3. Person who comes from afar losing heart at stream (7)

4. Skilled worker trains a bum (7)

5. Identifies northern Iowa town (5)

6. What the postman brings, by fate: dance tights (7)

7. Mexican food makes baby sick while eating last of supper (9)

8. Orion VIPs changed contingency plan (9)

9. Uses too many spars in storm—vase smashed (9)

10. Look pleased about each portion of a cruise (7) (two words)

11. Supervised worker gained experience (7)

12. Paraphrasing others with a resonant sound (9)

13. Ape Tintin, cracking hospital case (9)

14. Restricting showering, motel announced (9) (two words)

15. Observe 5.50 Girl Scouts gathering in plants (9)

16. Model T careens around 180° turn into shed (7)

17. Suffering sound repulsed one biblical woman (5)

18. Discolored grave outside of New England (7)

19. Depth finders led aliens astray (9) (two words)

20. Rebel is an awful sort of tennis player (9)

21. One employed by California research facility hurried from southern Italy (9)

22. Scream if disturbed around quiet spots for scary stories (9)

23. Unorthodox IRA member finally accepting gun in return (9)

24. Fine limb in neat cast (7)

25. Alan chowed down, having wings (5)

26. Part of the brain makes me stupid before one (7)

27. Vouchers for new frames containing wood (9)

28. Everyone in our group put aside behind a barricade (9) (two words)

29. Breaking up fun—hell, that’s useless (9)

30. Decided against turning Louvre red (9)

31. Book set in Southeast recalled devices on airplanes (7)

32. In rank, poet’s even smaller (7)

33. I wondered about feathers (9)

34. Conservative state above reflected America, being large and empty (9)

35. Thinking man grades car, testing interior (9)

36. Adopts boy after Kate moves (7) (two words)

37. Decade covered by very fast writer (5)

38. Native American tribe—one I would like (7)

39. Left in wild, getting rescue (7)

40. Pistol carried by Confederate general’s emissaries (7)

41. Accommodates article in collections (5)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 745 Boylston Street. Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the March Puzzles


Across. 1. TRY (1st, 4th, & 7th letters) 5. ST(R)ING 10. (l)AUREATE 11. RE-CUR(e) 12.S(TELL)A 13.F(I-NIT)E (tin 1 rev.) 14. BU(RR)S 16. S(LATER)S 18. LEG-IT 19. MENAD 20. D(E)RIVE 25. s(t)AGES 27. UNARM (hidden) 28. (e)DEN 30. G-ENESIS (g + anag.) 33.SCA(L)DS 34. S(T)EAL 35. Z-IN-G 36. PENS (double def.) 37. STEALTH (anag.) 38.S(all)YSTEMS 39. C-Y-ST Down. 1.T-ASKS 2. RUTHLESS (pun) 3. REGAN (anag.) 4.VAL(U)E-D 5.S-TARRED 6. RI(f)LE 7. T-C-IN-G 8.NUTS (rev.) 9. GREATER (homoph.) 15.SERE-NE 1 7. TANG-S (rev.) 21. V-AR1A(NT)S 22. BB S 23. C(EL)TS 24. N(ASTI-L)Y 26. ENC(A)SE (A + anag.) 27. UNDE-R (anag. +r) 29. ESTES (hidden) 31. SIGH T 32. ESP-Y