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Solvers are invited on an egg hunt, to be conducted within the boundaries of this puzzle’s diagram. The unclued Across entry in the middle of the diagram tells how many eggs are hidden. Clue answers include six proper nouns; 19 Across is a variant spelling.

Diagram entries include five proper nouns; 28 Across is a variant spelling.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 98.


1.Shot thirdly, firstly, fourthly, and lastly

5. Hoax involving middle of World Series

10. Gold crown with a wreath initially cropped

11. Note incomplete remedy, and come back

12. Name of a woman, say, in South America

13. Metal I turned into iron is limited

14. Public transportation adopts railroad stickers

16. Stoneworkers more recently

collecting Social Security? Quite the opposite

15. Lawful walk?

19. Males notice female in an orgy

20. Road circling eastern spring

25.Philosophers with timeless platforms

27. Take a piece away from part of lunar module

28. Study Paradise Unbegun

30.Book m green is seen in translation

33. Burns novel finally found in piles

34. Circus performer holding elephant’s tail in palm

35. The Mark of Zorro, in general, has oomph

36. Shuts up some swans

37. Designed the last covert action

38. Sally canceling all checks from organizations

39. Growth in both ends of city street


1. Cross questions from assignments

2. Missing a home-run king? That’s bad

3. Shakespearean woman’s anger exploded

4. Low spot containing uranium and deuterium is thought worthwhile

5. Singer’s face, blackened, was outstanding

6. Gun lacking central part causes stir

7. Freezing (1 Celsius) in Gulf

8. Party snacks in jar overturned

9. Heard implement for chefs is better 15. August is dry, and half of June

17. Small bug raised bites

21. Related versions of five songs about New Testament

22. A certain King’s shot?

23. Courts harboring the Spanish peoples of Europe

24. Disgustingly, wine gets left in the Big Apple

26. Box with American in Rocky scene

27. Abstract nude with red below 29. Largest estate houses some noble


31. Sense the sound of a breeze over tree’s top

32. Make out in mind-reading club?

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, H Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the February Puzzles


“Phonetic attacks on a monarch of Iran — Charades. ”

Across. 1. RESCU-E (anag. + e) 8. DAF-T (fad rev,) 11. USUAL (anag.) 13. TA-CIT(L)Y 14. A-(j)t ROR-A 16. S-LIME 1 8. A(US)TRIA 20.H(A-VAN)A 23. PAL-M (double def.) 25. TR1P(L)K 26. II ALLEYS 28. S(TEAM-SH)IP 33. B(I-AS)KI) 34. SERVO (anag.) 35. BE-V-Y 36, SADIST (hidden) Down. 1. RUFF (double dcf.) 2. ESAU (anag.) 3.SU-NNI (rev.) 4. G(AVE-M)AN 5. ETUI (even letters) 6. PAR QU(i)ET 7. S-CO-USE 8. DIRE (homoph.) 9. F-(LOT)ILL-A 10. TYKE (hidden) 12. LATEN(t) 15.TRAP (rev.) 17. L(A-XAT)IVE (rev.) 19. AMEN (anag.) 21. V-OLE 22. ABYSSAL (anag.) 23. PIMP-LED 24. REM-ARK 27. MAOR-I (roam rev.) 28. S(L)OB 29. AIRY (homoph.) 30. HENS (hidden) 31. REVS (double def.) 32. C(O)OT


“I’ve heard Americans debate where the West begins: Texans say the Brazos River; in St. Louis it’s the Mississippi . . . ; Philadelphians say the Alleghenies; in Brooklyn it’s the Hudson; and on Beacon Hill the backside of the Common.”

—(William) Least Heat Moon, Blue Highways