The Puzzler


(Acknowledgments to Richard H. Eyster)

The diagram represents a mountain. Down entries (of one or two words each) proceed in slalom patterns, slanting one square to the left or right each time they descend one line. When their letters are correctly aligned, our message to skiers and solvers will appear on the bottom line, reading left to right; the message’s first and last letters must be deduced. Answers include seven proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 119.


5. Slope showed signs of age, reportedly (5)

6. Snowier runs, barring one, go downhill (6)

7. Gives back lodge with a sign of approval (7)

11. Hula dancing in drag (4)

12. A corral fences in animal sound (4)

13. Musical cannon fired alternately (5)

14. Poet’s under straight hat’s brim (5)

15. Walker, in summary, pivoted (5)

16. Returning ballclub left Reds’ leader (5)

20. Former kingdom is overturned by America (4)

21. Routine comedy gag? (5)

22. Bind large shade tree (4)

24. No clear shifting of an eye part (7)

25. Frame most of help after church (7)

26. Uses brutality on gastropods (5)

27. Spain cultivated palm trees (5)

28. Splashed Lew & Ty with water (5)


1. What holds part of speech together? Bull (13)

2. Effects of a pale piranha swimming around river (13)

3. Green giant on the art of eating (13)

4. Italian product in ten Las Vegas busts (13) (two words)

7. Goddess with one hand raised (5) Shabby lots—about $1000 (5)

8. Defensive measure is held off (6) Oriental fastener for the ear (4)

9. A chancier convertible piece of furniture (9) (two words)

10.One word to the wise concerning Italian food (9)

15. Young barker holds broadcast for couple (6) (two words)

17. Intrusively disrupted Lions Club (6)

18. Player for Los Angeles, trailing 6—0 (5)

19. Advantage derived from changing seats (5)

20. Very high course (4)

23.Port gulped by philosopher (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the December Puzzles



Across. 1. ARI(S)ES 5. G(LOSS)Y(m) 9. ORATOR (hidden) 10. POP (double def.) 12. FOR (MALDTY 15. Tl TOR (anag.) 16. REMINDER (anag.) 17. UMPIRE (anag.) 19. REPLY (double def.) 20. MOLE (double def.) 22.AUDE )I) (die anag.) 24. STIMULATE (anag.)

26. ARMOR (hidden) 29, SIN-E(CI R)VE S 30.ZF.N-O 31. SEXIS TS (rev.) 32. F ATTEST 33.S(WE)ETS Down. 1. SIGN-ORE 2. BROOD (homoph.) 3. MAM(B)A 4. SO D 5. G(R)INS 6, JKTTERBDG (butter anag. ) 7. SOFTPEDAL. (anag.) 8. EARLY (double def.) 11. NOODLE (anag.) 13.1-M-PALE-MEN)T 14. A-iRS TRIPS 18. MONROE (anag.) 20. PIZ-Z-A (rev.) 21. LdNMET 23. DESISTS (anag.) 25.M(OH SE

27. NET (double def.) 28. BE(AS)T


“Sky diving [is] the sport of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with a sack of brightly colored nylon on one’s back. . . . jumpers refer to their terrestrial brothers and sisters as ‘whuffos,’ [from] the . . . question, AVhuffo they jump out of airplanes?’ ”

—(Tim) Cahill, Jaguars Ripped My Flesh