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This puzzle’s heavy bars do not indicate where words begin and end; they divide the diagram into four rows and four columns of four sections each. Clue answers are to be entered without regard to the heavy bars, but otherwise normally. When all answers have been entered, the four sections in each row will be found to have one letter in common, as will the four sections in each column. When these common letters have been placed in the corresponding blanks above the columns and beside the rows, they will be seen to spell something appropriate. Answers to clues include one proper noun.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 96.


1.Common article in strip (6)

5. Crabs Eastern found in luggage (6)

9.Route from a trial locale (6)

10.Get bent out of shape in struggle with piano (4)

12.Final fury may become brutish (9)

15. Clay’s party riding in Lincoln (5)

16. Abuses drink right before food (9)

17. Most important ally goes across border(6)

19. Alcohol’s benefit (4)

20. Nitrogen in swamp making resonant sound (4)

22. Sleuth digs around lake (6)

24. Self-assurance about playing “Nola” for dance (9)

26.Convict making most of “No Left Turn” (5)

29. Doctor links hose with depressions (9)

30. Impress the bum, earning $100 (4)

31. Assassin of king not feeling so well (6)

32. Softball teams accepting fine souvenirs (6)

33. Hunter lacks head for gossip (6)


1. Conserve currency around start of month (6)

2. Draw room for hearing (4)

3. Again supply judge with object (5)

4. Returned acclaim twofold (4)

5. Kind of ale-gin mixture (6)

6. Provisions covering railroad dealings (9)

7. General hysteria about October crash (9)

8. Measure of acidity in dry field (6)

11.Admonish secessionist instrument (6)

13. Crowd around fuzz with gun (9)

14. Cruel prankster backed over Scotsman (9)

18.Small mammal’s lair in state of decay (6)

20. Rain blows on meal (6)

21. Pens for college course (6)

23. Device that detects one who withholds information in speech (6)

25. A price for island (5)

27. Runner has time for play (4)

28. Some researchers going about bare (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street. Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the September Puzzles


Across. 1. GALORE (anag.); M(ISLE)AD 5. NUCLEI (anag.); A(BA)LONE 6. MOLES-T; DEPOSED (anag.) 7. E(MIG)RE; I RELAND 8. TRI(B )AL; SINATRA (anag.) 10. NOW-HERE; GNAR-L-S (rev.) 11. BED-LAM(e); RAGTAGS (anag. minus w) 13. ATH(WAR)T (that anag.); T-ANGLE 14. U-PHIL-L; PIVOTER (anag.) 15. HO(A)RSE; I-S(O)LATE 16. S-NAKED; PEN-ANCE (cane anag.) Down. 1. INE(R)T; G-AMES 2. SUPERWEAPON (anag. minus r); A-BOM(b)-I-NATION 3. ELSA (hidden); OLEG (hidden) 4. D-I(D)DLE (I led anag.); (c)ENTERS 9. A(R-TWO)RK; B-ELGIAN (b + anag.) 10. OBTUSE (anag.); GRAPHS (anag.) 12. ME-LEE; G-REED