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Every clue answer in this puzzle must have its heart (central letter) removed before entry into the diagram. The 42 letters thus removed, taken in the order in which the clues are listed, will spell out a heartfelt sentiment whose author will appear in the shaded portion of the finished grid. Since clues are not listed in normal Across and Down order, solvers will have to puzzle out where each answer belongs. Answers include five proper nouns; all other entries may be found in Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dirtionary.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 83.


—1. Heart signed goofily, like “Mister Magoo” (11)

—2. Bottom of installed shower! (5)

—3. Fishy lady with a dimmer switch? (7)

—4. Returned topsoil of tropical interior in case (9)

—5. Smashup involving car & tree in street (7)

—6. Thoughts going into mountain region around the Persian Gulf (7)

—7. Run in absolute terror (5)

—8. Expiate in unity (5)

—9. I fish all around for sound equipment (5) (hyphenated)

—10. Government report (5)

—11. Deciding angle is obtuse (7)

—12. South combined forces in troop movements (7)

13. Convertible camp cot taking up little room (7)

_14. One involved in remedy with some radiation (5)

_—15. Watt aboard seesaw with speaker (7)

_—16. Joke poke I will give a person in northwest India (7)

_—17. As a result, confused attacker (9)

_—18. Lip—large lip (5)

—19.Oiler polluted French river (5)

_—20. Lead in Figaro goes on the stage with dope (5)

_—21. Recite “End of War” article 5)

—22. joints left hidden in food additives (7)

_—23. White, like chicken (5)

_—24. Portia raced, capturing triple crown (5)

_—25. Bar for bad poets (5)

_—26. Given a drink with masticated cherry (7)

_—27. Dawn, east of Love Canal, finally spreads (5)

_28. First of Finnish composer’s numbers (5)

_29. One who fought for victory before Gallic summer passed (7)

_30. Stick out of bombed redoubt (7)

_31. Verbal attack spread from the center (5)

_32. Hope and Crosby can be cutting (7)

_33. Dodge commercial includes half of voices (5)

_34. Tree planter is heard (5)

_35. Philly sportsman failing with caustic remark at the start (5)

_36. (1 Crackpot edits ways to Lose Weight (5)

_37. 100 quires rearranged in rings (7)

—38. In overturned sod, one plant product (5)

_39. Knowing of a battle error (5)

_40. Model lawfully uses a woman’s name (5)

_41. Cite NFL plays with curve (7)

._42. Deep hole is one next to shortstop (5)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the January Puzzles


The unclued winner of the race is SOLVKR. Entrants.1. CHAS’S-I5; AN-GEL; M–EMBER 2. A(E)GEAN; T{h)RlLL; END-(h)ORSE 3. MINDER (hidden); E NDEAVOR (e +anag,); SELL (homoph.) 4.ELECT (hidden rev.); MA-NI.AC (Cainrev.); T(F.L AVIA (a liveanag.) 5. ROStEis; STORY (double dcf.); VERANDAS (anag.) 6. (t)ASTER; Oi TO ROWS(goutanag.); BRA-V-O Radial Words.a.CAM(e)-ERA b. HE-LIOS (rev.) c. A-GKNT’.s d. si;-CEDE c. STARKS (homoph.) f. Ml NO(R)S g. ASITUTIE(seaanag.) h. NAT RON(tanrev.) i. IN-GRID j. \(R-G-Y)LE k.COEVAL (anag.) I. T-WE(LV)F. m. S(F.-R\I)ON n. BO.AlRED O. RAN-SO-M p. A-DtViERB(y) q. ViALtlSE


“I liked the laundromat—the way it smelled, the rhythmic slosh of the machines, the ticking of. . . zippers, in the dryers, the odd camaraderie among those placed in life by circumstances which meant they had to wash their dirty linen in public.”

—Sue Miller, The Good Mother