The Puzzler


Each clue’s answer is to be entered normally in the diagram, either horizontally or vertically. Its location, however, is given only by the number of a square in which a dot shares space with one of the answer’s letters. (This letter may occur anywhere in the word, not necessarily first; a diagram entry may incorporate more than one dot, but it is identified by only one.) If bars signifying beginnings and ends of entries were shown, they would form a pattern that would look the same when rotated 180°. Solvers may be helped by mentally connecting the dotted letters in numerical order, thereby revealing some art and its creator. Answers include four proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 123.


1. Dot goes into uncentered, evocative art (12) (two words)

Spot seen in sections of glass instruments (8)

2. Semi-approval for racetrack (4) done taken by venerated platitude (6)

3. Seem pleased by run for Yankee (6)

4. Syringes filled with nitrogen bringing divine sleep? (6)

5. Certain element in crone leads to loathing (6)

6. Cupidity may be seen as a sin around Arkansas (7)

Bush has ego involved in withdrawing summons (5)

7. Master returned, obtaining nothing from slaver (5)

Laymen turned to wit (6)

8. Bond in Russia’s capital, held by armed force (7) (hyphenated)

9. Haig looks around White House? (5) Move jerkily in dance, with bum leg (6)

10. Code is broken by Eastern church district (7)

Ring’s found in the guy’s socks (4)

11. Vertigo makes me somber (6) Prominent journal backsliding one half step (8)

12. Eager for a disco that never closes (4) Everyone abandons generally shaky effort (6)

13. Installed empty inside full (6) Backed train into river (4)

14. Untidy grass around edge—keep it down (8)

13. Material enough for three camp beds? (6)

$100 computer chip receives a glance (5)

16. Not at all fine, being good and wet (6)

17. Miss Costello’s speaking (4)

18. Notice one model is fat (7)

19. Dance, for example, around tree (6) Aunt of song takes one extra line in musical piece (8)

20. Guided a lover of Zeus (4)

21. Made to laugh, feel manipulated (6)

22. Just born: a count (6)

Returning comrades, in mass, stand for anthem (12)

23. Endorsement of very good valets (4) Bridge accommodates morning boat (6)

24. Said server, “What comes after deuce?” (4)

Practices comedy routines? (6)

Answers to the October Puzzles


Across answers are given in the order in which they occurred in the hook listing.

Across answers are given in the order in which they occurred in the hook listing. Across. DIET-RICH; THA(R-O-O)M; P(OTT)AGE; ONLY (hidden); DOSE (anag.); A(PRO)-N; HEAT(E)D (anag. + e); STUM-PER (smut anag.); STERNE-R; PA-RAP-H; DYSLEXIA (anag.): ANKN-T (anag. + t); U-NDUE (“ + ANAG.); ON-ET-I(M)E; S-PIES; MA(CAB)RE; LEAST (anag.); S(CUR)F; FI(GMEN)T; CLEARER (anag.) Down. 1. FOO(L)SCAP (anag. + l) 2. (d)INNER 3. G-LEANED 4. ED(IT)OR (rode rev.) 5. NY(MPH)ET 6. SL(A-T)ED 7. CENTAURS (anag.) 8. R(INGE)-R 9. FAT-E 10. (e)MAL-A-MUTE (lame rev. minus e) 11. DO(MINE)ER 12. RETRAC-T (rev.) 13. B(OUR)B-ON 14. C-A-TNIP (rev.) 15. (s)UPPERS 16. APAC(H)E 17. MOR(S)E 18. SUDS (odd letters)

  1. Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.