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Answers to the September Puzzles


The “remainders" sped A-plus.

Across. I. si.IPS (double def.) 5. \IO(RA)SS 9. TEAR (double def.) 10. CELESTA (anag.) 11. RE(COR)DS (roc rev.) 14.JOOMT 15. MANET 16.L(A)I NCH 17. PROS (homophone) 18. C -LOCKER 21. T(WOT)IME (rev.) 25. TRAP (rev.) 27.SEN0RA (anag.) 28.C-REST 29.EL)IR)T 30. FUCKER (double def.) 31 . CELEB(E)S 32. IIOIME 33. ERASED (hidden) 34.HEFT)S Down. l.STRi MPET 2.LEEWARD (rev.) 3. P(ROT)EST 4. SCRATfClH (anag. + c) 5.ME-DELL-A 6. RETOUCH (anag.) 7.STANCES (hidden periph.) 8. s.ALT(a) (rev.) 12. TUNK-EREtD 1 3. CXOMOMC (anag.) 19. Rt’prm RES (anag. + /) 20. PECK-IS-H 22. w-ELDER 23. FO(RFEES 24. MfAll LE D 25. l (ROC[k|)UE 26. ASCENT (homophone) 29. F ACE


“Jeeves doesn’t have to open doors. 1 le’s like one of those birds in India who bung their astral bodies about—the chaps, i mean, who, having gone into thin air in Bombay, reassemble . . . later in Calcutta. , . . I le just seems to float from Spot A to Spot B like some form of gas,”

—P.G. Wodehouse, Mrinh/ey Manor