The Puzzler


Clue answers, each seven letters long, are to be entered in sequence, clockwise or counterclockwise, around the appropriately numbered cells; one of each answer’s seven letters must be removed to its central, numbered cell. Neighboring answers should help to establish where to begin and which letter to remove in each case. Letters belonging in the 42 cells forming the border spell out a riddle of nine words and its threeword answer, starting in the top left cell. As an additional check, the letters in the 37 numbered cells can be arranged to spell: I REPEAT MERLIN’S INCANTATION: 1-HUNGA, U-DUNGA. Answers include six proper words.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 83


1. Laugh at wicker from a midwestern state

2. Alpine feature picture about sick cow

3. Around one, throw a card game

4. Light-hearted lad pocketing horseshoe and bug

5. Frost from the east engulfed Arabian land

6. Engineer sees dim ends

7. Ceremony includes clairvoyance break

8. Ted’s old mongrel walks with difficulty

9. Sue holds loot doctored and sold illegally

10. Shellac new counter

11. Search among twenty-four sheets of paper

12. Poison ruined nice day

13. Republican caught in tie to New York crime

14. Wizard’s associate is terribly hot in boat

15. Appendix, in rodent, provides power

16. Indefinite number in famous designer’s water bed

17. Prohibition still I set aside for dinner

18. Qualified return of Italian isle, in conclusion

19. Do Bogey badly in parting speech (hyphenated)

20. Witch, upon adopting former shape

21. Confidential chatter about one volume

22. Restraining canine crooner

23. Town takes many, many years to develop

24. Runner, embarrassed about time, hemmed

25. See dumb punk lost in thought

26. Identify outside of boat drifting in marsh (two words)

27. Define “axle,” “pin that’s spun”

28. Hot iron left in cheese

29. Saying something sweet after promise falls short

30. Take a meal, including check, in robbery

31. Tuesday, favorite broadcast brought back dance music


32. Beginning pole climb

33. Norse name perfume for American writer

34. Piano music fad grips Timothy

35. As new as renovated Welsh port

36. Polish saint’s picture in Italian stream

37. Taking gamble in jet’s speed results in tragedy

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. Fora complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the May Puzzles


Across. 1. G-RANUL-ES (rev.) 5. DRAG(ST)ER (regard rev.) 10. A-Gl-N(CO)URT (turn anag.) ll.BEE-R 12. PEG-BOAR-D 13.SPON(G)E (anag. + g) 14. RENDITION (anag.) 18. DE N-I)AL 19. ESTI-MATED (ties anag.) 22. PRESIDENTIAL 26. CANTA(loupe)-TAS(ted) 27. RE(TRACT)ED 28. TOOLED (anag.) 29. SP-HERE 31. ADIT (hidden) 32. SHO(R-TAG)ES 33. ELA-TES (rev.) 34. TIN-SEL(I) Down. 1. LOGOG-RAM (rev.) 2.RUB(e) 3. dona-TE(st) 4. A-QUAR(IS)T 5. DISINTEGRATE (anag.) 6. ANTAGONISTIC (anag.) 7. GENTLE 8. BLASTER EG)G 9. STA(y)-RED 15. ELECT-ROD-E 16. HE-A-D(M)ISTRESS 17. TO-AD-S-TOO-L 20. INSTATED (anag.) 21. PAL(L1AT)E (tail rev.) 23. NEAP TIDE (anag.) 24. INTEGERS (anag.) 25. L-ODES-TAR (art anag.) 30. W(R)EN (new rev.)