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(Acknowledgments to Trev of Crossword)

In this puzzle each clue answer is affected by one of the main phases of the moon. First Quarter The answer is entered in the diagram with its first quarter removed.

Full: The answer is entered in its entirety.

Last Quarter. The answer is entered with its last quarter removed.

New: An anagram of the answer is entered.

There are nine examples of each type in the puzzle. Clue answers include three proper nouns; 4 Down is uncommon.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 95.


1. Particles drawn back southeast of the moon by gravity

5. Racing car judge going in reverse around street

10. Battle with a GI company in rough turn

11. Drink “stinger” with dab of rum

12. Keeper of scores gives Margaret Swine 500

13. Jar opens, adding great kitchen item

14. Translation of novel into Diner

18. Refusal to bargain, protecting “number one”

19. Hideous ties matched and appraised

22. PBS’s introduction of housing for the chief executive

26. Halves of cantaloupe tasted in pieces

27. Withdrew from grass-covered plot of land

28. Drove Dole to tears

29. Spain’s leading couple present ball

31. Somewhat traditional entrance

32. Lacks right label in footwear

33. Put bar drink back in Cheers

34. Glittery stuff can go like hotcakes, almost


1. Spoil Russian author’s upraised symbol

2. Difficulty of rural fellow having no end

3. Give Spanish lady first half of test

4. Keeper offish is in a certain amount of water

5. Break tried in stage plays

6. Hostile giant’s action misconstrued

7. Lady’s escort, the Parisian kind

8. Holiday symbol, for example, including flower, for example (two words)

9. Looked angry after truncated visit

15. Conductor has to choose baton before Beethoven’s Third

16. The man has a great worry about military’s first woman chief

17. To notice small and also large fungus

20. A dentist has changes put in office

21. Excuse is feeble about turning tail

23. Pete and I transformed from an effect of the moon (two words)

24. Gentries’ uncontrolled numbers

25. Latin poems and art treated in guide

30. Returned novel about red bird

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass, 02116.

Answers to the April Puzzles


Across. 1. DI(SOW)N 6. LUCIUS (even letters) 10. FUHRER (homophone) 11. TO-PM-AN 12. B(A-R)RIER 13. GAR(b)AGE 15. CADEN-CES (dance anag.) 16. STOOPS (double def.) 23. PE-ACHY 24. S(ALLY)ING 26. EXTOLS (anag.) 27. GAZ(ELL)E 28. INV(OK)E (vein anag.) 29. TR(O)IKA (anag. + o) 30. UTTERs 31. MEN-DEL (led rev.) Down. 1. DEB(u)T 2. QUARTZ (homophone) 3. SHY-LOCK 4. WEIGHTY (anag.) 5. S(TRAP)H-ANGER 6. LOG-JAM (maj rev.) 7. CA-R(N)IVAL 8. UN(W)ED (anag. + w) 9. SEESAW (anag.) 14. FO(X)G-LOVE 17. EYESORE (homophone) 18. SQUA(LI)D 19. JUNE-AU 20. F-RISKS 21. SH(oes)-ELVE(S) 22. HA-BIT 25. BE-AT