The Puzzler


Letters occurring in each of the

24 numbered squares in the outer diagram are to be entered

at the matching numbers in the inner box. Any letter placed

in the inner box should be circled if it occurs in the outer

diagram in more than one square (whether numbered or not).

Solvers may till in the central, circled square when they have

discovered the name of the game. Each row and column has its answers clued in their proper order of entry. Note that the

eight-letter clue answers at e, f, g, p, q, and r skip over the

inner box. Answers include ten proper words.

The answers to last month’s

Puzzler appear on page 95.


a. Match game I contrived has interior arrangement (8)

Old priests giving a grunt after mass (4)

b. Marine places bomb on case (6) Rattle off mostly in slang (6)

c. Country kid sits next to one (4) Female columnist supplies European region (8)

d. Without justification, marinate seafood (7)

e. Ran into Henry stuck with no fuel (8)

f. Norse seafarer taken in by a man from the West (8)

g. Preserve eggs containing arsenic for lover (8)

h. See about returning soggy vessel (7)

i. Goose egg filling hurt one confection (8)

Starry group caught in July rainstorm (4)

j. Recess in a large bay (6) Top of scale shortened by one mark (6)

k. Poet can be grind to recite (4)

finish off a media promo package for use at the lodge (8) (hyphenated)


I. Scorn place to relax and not overdo (4) Colorless boxing match bothered observer (8)

m. That’s right about copper’s flair (6) Secret beliefs about a test site withdrawn (6)

n. Spread over contrary sort (8)

Bows of ships in the sound (4)

o. Kosher pastrami sandwiches elevated folks? (7)

p. One inexperienced about court still (8)

q. family MD assumes the whole thing was a bug (8) (two words)

r. Boat carrying poor old pet (8)

s. Manifest includes one medical case (7)

t. A gracious writer (4)

A manuscript including buddy’s initial words (8)

u. Monster coming up—a reason for mutiny? (6)

Vodka drunk with Russia’s foremost composer (6)

v. Brash private also advanced (8)

Try one roll in a plane (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to elue-solving. send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the January Puzzles


Threads, a. SHATTERED (anag.) b. PIN-TOES C. SUPPLE-MEN-TIN-G d. GUNS-LINGER (snug rev.) e.CHAN-GES (sec rev.) f. G(ARDEN)ER g. S(A-L-PETER h. TE(QUIL)A i. CH-I(ANT)I j. XER(O)XES k. LE-GROOM l.P(ROTE)AN m. SUBPOENA (anag.) n. BILATERA-L (anag. + L) O. MY-S(T)ERIOUS p. BAN(D)ANAS q. C(OF-FEET)ABLE Patches. I.HEPCATS (anag.) 2. (e)ATE(LIE)R 3.QUl(XO)TE (rev.) 4. IMP-LORE 5. S(T)URGEON 6. B(OXS)EAT (Sox anag.) 7. D(EMOMRY (Nome rev.) 8, LAOTIAN (homophone of lay ocean) 9. BEAR-SUP 10. TRA-l-NEES (rev.) 11. RENTABLE (anag.) 12. B(I-PLAN)E 13. C(i)A-HOOTS 14. TUF(EE)TS 1.3. D APPLES 16. C RESTING 17. M(INGLE)S 18. GR-(s)EN(t)-ADE 19. HfANGERlS 20. UN CLE-AN