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Answers to the fourteen clues under the heading “Pairs,” once a single letter in each has been changed, may be matched up to form seven words or phrases to be entered someplace in the diagram. In each matched-up pair a letter shared by the two due answers is changed to a common new letter. (For example, the clue answers CRASS and WARD, with their As changed to Os, might combine to form CROSSWORD.) Six of the paired entries are related in a way suggested by the seventh. Words forming pairs are clued in no special order. Other clue answers, which are entered normally, include five proper nouns; 8 Across, 11 Across, and 14 Down are not common.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 140.


a. Call for some paper (4)

b. Group C entering TV studio (4)

c. Catches space critter between poles


d. Rent to hospital worker (4)

e. The first person’s booby trap (4)

f. Attend school’s first defeats (5)

g. Done with a doughy dish (5)

h. Large, headless specimen (5)

i. Wave at flying egret (5)

j. Charles gains nothing from anarchy


k. In part of the Zodiac, incipient star comes to light (6)

l. Davis’ movie rating: superior (6)

m. Great place to put in wire service article (6)

n. Porter gets low mark in summary (6)


6. Eminent physicist gives oral drill (4)

7. Charge, capturing northern ruler (6)

8. Polish noble I placed in history (5)

9. Cares for shoes larger than 9-C? (5)

10. Tease foremost of the brains (4)

11. Close off part of a column (5)

12. Little bug in a camper in Los Angeles (5)

13. kitty returned to European peak (4)

16. Audio portion dear to the French (4)

17. Someone in a hurry cut short teacher (5)

18. Quietly wash out shucks (5)

21. Stunned at mid-penumbra (4)

22. Fellow, about 49, in Italian town (5)

23. Sailor in Arafat’s organization lias Spanish name (5)

24. Get log reprinted and switch type (6)

25. Get nothing out of footw ear for women (4)


1. Mucks up southeastern animals’ home (5)

2. One wearing horn that’s wild! (5)

3. Arbiters voiced indecision, by the way (4)

4. Fortune-teller shocked Carole (6)

5. Lively Broadway show coming up fetches $100 (6)

14. Fish through most autographs (6)

15. Sign offish shot in African river (6)

19. “Eureka” describes album in letter from abroad (5)

20. Come to an understanding after work (5)

22. Flightless bird born in biblical kingdom (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher dues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the October Puzzles


The modified due answers were rendered in pig latin in the diagram.


“An overweight Giovanni became stuck in the trap door on his way to the nether regions in the banquet scene. Though he squirmed and ooched and puffed ... he could not squeeze through. . . . ‘Hurrah, boys!’ cried a voice from the gallery. ‘Hell’s full!’ ”

—Ethan Mordden, Opera Anecdotes