The Puzzler


All 26 Across clues for this puzzle yield 6-letter answers. Each answer must be split into two 3-letter “cards,” to be entered separately in the diagram. Each 3-letter group represents one of the cards in a standard deck, and, like playing cards, no two of these “cards” are the same. Across clues are ranked according to the value of the first card in each answer, from highest (Ace) to lowest (2). When two or more answers have first cards of the same rank, their order in the list of clues is further dependent on the ranks of their second cards. (Note that the second card may or may not rank higher than the first in any word.) Help in placing the cards is given by answers to Down clues, which are normal. The suits (♠ ♥ ♦ ♣) are identified by the four shaded columns. Answers to clues include four proper nouns and four uncommon words (e, i, q, and t).

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 99.


a. Write two bridge players about cheat

b. Plate containing silver for tribute

c. Rodent takes a nibble of sweet dessert

d. Cat scrambled to Cleo

e. Attempts pocketing northern Roman coin

f. Spring is over for birds

g. Broken leg protected by swallow chick

h. Stop to put new wheels on?

i. Mark, in manuscript, ripped blouse

j. Drains out the pits

k. Screen unfit in test for graduate school

l. In tandem as they take poles from a ship

m. Butterfingers finally gathers pottery fragments

n. Chopper follows mountaineer almost to peak

o. New York’s regressive revenue structure

p. Weaves labels for underwear?

q. Monkey also entering saloon

r. Machine shows E-9 winning $1000

s. Henry loves remodeling huts

t. Ornamental clasp from far back in time

u. Orchestra section lacking right smarts

v. Corset can be seen around girl’s middle

w. Merchant taking ring from resident of Indiana

x. Pass if not holding a pair at first

y. Drum with picture on the skin

z. Rolling Stones’ debuts


1. Digs footwear with volume and length included separately (7)

2. Schemer generously covers surface (6)

3. Burst vein going after naughty child (7)

4. Heard someone leaving English town (6)

5. Chuck holds note, happy (7)

6. Starting “Rain in Spain,” you turned red (6)

7. Dressed two times during broadcast (7)

8. Some bigots initially disregarded lives (6)

9. Hold the attention of English flag maker (7)

10. Goof in “as-is” damaged ranges (7)

11. Buys stock in business wear (7)

12. Working as Times artist (7)

13. Atlantic clutched by party in rocker (6)

14. More defensive basketball player catches one (6)

15. Very engaging clue in Japanese religion (6)

16. Stove layer containing burnt stuff (6)

Answers to the August Puzzles


The projectors spell “outside shots.”

1. CAN(O)E; S(MITE)S 2. TUB(A)S; PO(P)LAR 3. REF-ILL; RIVET (hidden) 4. AURA(1); DOVEKIE (anag.) 5. (1)URCH-IN; EVERT (double def.) 6. HISTRIONICS (anag.) 7. S(ON)TAG; DRILL (double def.) 8. OUIDA (anag.): GREENS (rev.) 9. LU(c)RE; A(N)GUISH 10. ME(SO)N; S-TARTS 11. AR(O’S)E; SI-NEW-Y (is rev.) 12. CUR(A-R)E; S(UMM)A (mum anag.) 13. B(E)ACH; OILERS (anag.) 14. SNAF-U (rev): HIND-US 15. OS-IRIS (so rev): TAROS (anag.) 16. PLANT-A-GENET 17. SOLOD (i)ER: G(R)AS’S 18. IMP-RO(VI)DENT 19. LI(V)E: O(REGAN-O 20. T(AVER)N: IN-(s)URE. 21. DEREK (homophone); TILS-IT (slit rev.) ll. SAT-IN; CLA(SS)Y