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This month’s diagram represents a baseball held, with the shaded portion marking the way around the infield diamond. Each of the 38 clue answers forms a diamond in the diagram, starting in the appropriately numbered square (which serves as the top, bottom, left, or right corner) and proceeding clockwise or counterclockwise. Some knowledge of baseball and its abbreviations is helpful to clue-solving. Answers include two proper nouns and a less than common word at 17.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 80.

1. Retiring catcher, make an exit (4)

2. Starting nine upset and refusing to cooperate (12)

3. Babe at first with a single off farm team? (8)

4. Profit with ballgame divisions (8)

5. Not pictured, A.L. unit needed broadcast (12)

6. Appropriate Expo’s cap and clothing (4)

7. Opening putout turned to error (4)

8. Get soaked and gloomy by Yankees’ fourth (4)

9. Rose puts bats in stockpiles (8)

(two words)

10. Pitcher tells Padres (8)

11. Base stealer adopting one’s studies


12. Natural playing surface gets a drink (4)

13. Walk Phillies’ leadoff with a couple

of curves (4)

14. Field back of ballpark has gap (4)

15. Detroit Hall-of-Famer indicating a base (8) (two words)

16. One field is deserted (4)

17. Curve tossed at Red Sox (8)

18. Cuts Oakland player before union returns (4)

19. Dizzy and Daffy making a comeback (4)

20. Reportedly, hero is not playing (4)

21. Giants’ triple plays making an uproar


22. Red is in place for hitting ball to corner(4)

23. Lacking leadership, Buccaneers divided by no-good self-seekers (8)

24. High pitch and near-slip preceding donnybrook (8)

25. Starring team made deceptive move


26. Shortstop has tallied errors (4)

27. Public clamors for ballpark menus?


28. Secret of screwball is utterly clear (8) (hyphenated)

29. Manage last in league for a spell (4)

30. Heartless American Leaguer in row (4)

31. Gets set and firm before thrashing Angels (8)

32. Pittsburgh’s starter is enthralling great rooters (4)

33. Mets are playing right for a pennant


34. Read 7-5 (4)

35. Energetically cheer about double (4)

36. Pitching spitters to dope-dealers? (8)

37. Astrodome lettering advertises some eats (8)

38. Shame about loss in series (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington St., Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the June Puzzles


The unclued Down word is trickle-down. Across. 1 . B-LESS; P(RAISE)S 2 . BARONIAL (anag.); STOCK (double def.) 3. AMBIENT (hidden); LURES (anag.) 4. LIBER-ACE; D(IN)T’S 5.AN(ARCH)Y; DIC(T)A (acid rev.) 6. LE(GALES)E; SKI-PS 7. A-SHY; R(A-DI)ALLY H.OGfELOiT (I.eo anag.); GIM)-LETS 9.CARI(B)Ol ; SUEDE (homophone) 10. FORM(0)S-A; SARGON (anag.) 11.STABLE (double def.); STRA-WS (rev.) Down. Jan: BAA-L; A L(A CART)E Feb: LA(MIN)G; SCAR A-B Mar: ERMINE; AC(CO’S)T Apr: S(OBER)LY (Boer anag.); LIMBO (double def.) May: SI-ERR-A (is rev.); HEARTH Jun: PANACEA (anag.); TO-A-ST Jul: RAN-C-HERO; BOLT (double def.) Aug: (h)ALLEY’S; DISARM (anag.); Sep: I-SLED; SAMURAI (anag.) Oct: STU(DDE)D; GUST-O Nov: ECSTASY (anag.); TENSE (double def.) Dec: SCENT (homophone); ILLEGA-L (anag. minus o)