The Puzzler


In this diagram, answers to Down clues are used to chart the fortunes of Puzzles Unlimited, Ltd., for one year. Each month’s activity is described by the placement of its two clues’ answer letters in order from the beginning of the month (at the top of the diagram) downward to either adjacent square, shifting toward + or —, till the end of the month. No two months end in the same square. The year’s overall outcome is spelled out by the twelve month-end letters and the final letter of an unclued Down word (II letters, hyphenated), which starts somewhere in the second row from the top and describes the modus operandi. Across answers are clued in pairs in order of their entry in the diagram. A letter in an Across word may be intersected by one or more Down words or by none. Answers include four proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 84.


L Endorse B — ? (5)

Jack, in public school, gets honors (7)

2. Noble labor in a base (8)

Handle broth (5)

3. Rambi enters stores all around (7) Temptations breaking rules (5)

4. Latin book by expert pianist (8) Forces inside, gripped by withdrawal symptom (5)

5. Bridge in some disorder (7)

Turned bitter about true statements (5)

6. Brief speech from shelter about storms


Runner, by the way, uses a hopping gait (5)

7. One short and pale (4)

Rally round a princess, to a point? (8)

8. In October, Leo altered cat (6)

Around noon, soldier permits drinks (7)

9.Auto loan notice requires buyer’s first bucks? (7)

Influenced in speech to hide (.S)

10. Asian island forms a surrounding ring (7)

Akkadian king groans miserably (6)

11. Persistent group of racers (6)

Bring back southwestern crafts in small tubes (6)


JAN What kids say to Liberal idol (4) Separately priced drink includes a tote (8) (three words)

FEB Making halt, fall behind about 60 sec. (6)

Beetle Bailey’s chief has hurt a superior (6)

MAR Weasel in, uh. hole in the ground (6) Confront military bosses in play (6) APR Boer free, hidden by cunning on the wagon (7)

West Indian dance is neither here nor there (5)

MAY Range is returned—stray article (6) Kernel by hot fireside (6)

JUN Fix a canape and elixir (7)

Pledge to a saint (5)

JUL Cowpoke’s boss worked around champion (8)

Gulp large roll (4)

AUG All but the first of a comet’s passages


“Drop your weapons,” said Mr. Motley (6)

SEP Set apart one glider (5)

Maura is struggling with warrior (7) OCT Macho guy keeps Ike riveted (7) Blast with zip and zest (5)

NOV Stacey’s unbridled joy (7)

Suspenseful future, perhaps (5)

DEC Auditor’s passed along trail (5)

Banned Galileo except last works on light’s source (7)

Note: I he instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues, for a complete introduction ro clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to 7’he Atlantic Puzzler. 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02IIP,

Answers to the May Puzzles


Across. 1. SH(II-T)E 4. HI-G(H-C)LASS 9.TAFFRAIL(//?/ rCV.) 10. STMM(A)E(r) 11. RE(V-V)ED 12. UPPER)S 14. A-SH-HE-A-P I 6. LIE(G-E )S 17. INDUCE (anag.) 19. ERRED (pun)

22.SATCHEI. (anag.) 24. E(X-X)ON 25.TWID(D1LES (anag. + cf) 27. B-RAVER 28.SE(RV)E 30.PKAJ/ZA 51. PiII.I.iAR 32. ZAQQL’M (first letters) 33. DIRECT 34. R(ESU.\t)ED (muse rev.) 35. G ROOMS Down. 1..STRAW WINE (anag.) 2. H(.A-jj)E’S 3.TRE(KK)ED 4. HICCUP (anag.) 5.GARISH (pun) 6. CUD-GEL 7. LAYETTES (anag.) 8. ABBE)YS(s) 13. ELECT-RA 15. ANNU(A)L 18. R-EGG-IE 20. D-ESERT-S (trees anag.) 21. A-ORT-.A-E 22. SN(AF)t s (suns rev.)

23. THEHSJM 26. L-EERIER 27. BAZAAR (homophone) 28. SAY(Y)ID(anag. 4y) 29, VAC{U)U.M


“ ‘Hip hip hooray!’ was the battle cry of the Crusaders in the Middle Ages. ‘Hip’ or ‘hep stood lor their slogan Hieroslyma est perdita—‘Jerusalem is fallen’—and ‘hooray’ is derived from the Slavic curse Hu-raj, meaning ‘To Paradise!"’

—John May, Curious Carts