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A number of clue answers are too long to fit in the diagram, and must have certain letters deleted before entry in the grid. The deleted letters constitute a matched set of a sort. Answers include four proper nouns and, owing in part to the exigencies of this month’s theme, a smattering of uncommon words, all of which may be found in Webster’s New International Dictionary, second or third edition.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 100.


1.Woman embracing two-time Moslem


4. Superior welcoming vessel holds hot and cold (9) (hyphenated’)

9.Chubby turned weak in ship’s bar (8)

10. During endless season, one works (6)

11. Gunned groups of geese in marsh growth (6)

12. Delivery service circles by with shoe parts (6)

14. A quiet man with a quiet pile (7) (two words)

16. Stories about great English subjects (6)

17. Stupid dunce I persuade (6)

19.Went off and hesitated? (5)

22. Bag with plastic latches (7)

24. Oil company, by and by, invested in Time (5)

25. Around end of road, wildest twists and turns (8)

27. British madman is more heroic (6)

28. Attend to camper in sight (5)

30. Pie lying outside a portico (6)

31. Norm grabs wrong supporter (6)

32. Leaders in zoology answer quiz questions under my infernal tree (6)

33. Show the way to grim court (6)

34. Continued to ponder, back in shade (7)

35. Spruces in green spaces (6)


1. Rum was winter drink (9) (two words)

2. He’s holding a pair of jacks, and trips


3. Tripped, getting caught holding kings (7)

4. jerk ruined rear section of Machu Picchu (6)

5. Too flashy, like a fish? (6)

6. Stick of chewing tobacco to solidify (6)

7. Young outfits failing Yale test (8)

8. Churches exist in bottomless pit (6)

13.Choose Egyptian deity and mythical

Greek (7)

15. Around mid-May, cancel yearbook (6)

18.Bit of rotten egg that is for Mr. Jackson (6)

20. Dead trees scattered small leaves (7)

21. A scrap one put on top of elephants’ trunks (6)

22. Stars upset about Air Force mixups (6)

23. Belief in god is native to those people (6)

26. Large stranger is more suspicious (7)

27. Macabre-sounding fair (6)

28. Holding club, Daisy bashed Moslem bigwig (6)

29. Virginia U. taken in with Latin sucker(6)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the April Puzzles


Across. 1. SIDELONG (anag.) 7. CROP (double def.) 11. CRETIN (hidden) 14. HEROINE (homophone) 15. FLOW (rev.) 16. RED-UCE (cue anag.) 17. UG;LIE)ST (guts anag.) 18. PRE-. TEN-D 20. P(at)-LEA 23. S(A-D)LY 24. (f)REe\ED 25. IS-L-AND-s 28. R(E-DC)APS (spar rev.) 30. L-IN-DEN 32. GRl.M(e) 33. RAT(TAN)S (star rev.) 34. ROT(A)TE (anag. + a) 35. SLEW (double def.) 36. GA-SLIGHT (Ag rev.) Down. 1. S(C)OW 2. D( E-ADE)YE 3. WIN(C)E 4. ONCE (anag.) 5.G-EW-GAWS (swag we rev.) 6.TWO-WAY (homophone) 8.WISE (homophone) 9.0N-USES 10. PENTADS (anag.) 12.W-HEW 13.TO-UTE-D 18.PO(WW)OWS (swoop rev.) 19. (s)NAPPING 20. P-EANUT (p + anag.) 21. WIND-BAG (gab rev.) 22. SEE SAW (was rev.) 23.S(EA)WAY 26. W(I-DO)W 27. DEF-T 29. DATE (double def.) 30. w-ows (w + anag.) 31.N-YET


“You can hear much unrhvmed poetry in the air of America—in the singsong chant of the auctioneers, the jargon of the truckers on the CB radio, the bawdy jokes of construction workers, . . . the extravagant tale-telling of tipsy strangers in a bar.

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