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Each Across entry in this puzzle is an example of a 15-Down, and must therefore be altered slightly before entry in the diagram. Down answers are to be treated normally.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 132.


1. Obliquely do single cryptic (8)

7. Whip collection (4)

11. Noodle goes into the making of secret ingredient (6)

14. Leading lady takes drug orally (7)

15. Return to eat ravenously well (4)

16. Hawaii, elementally, consists of long and curving line (7)

16. Ruby muffed cue from shrink (6)

17. Spilling guts about story that’s most unfair (7)

18. Fake before 10-Down? (7)

20. Sue and Pat leaving at meadow (4)

23. Unfortunately sharp, holding a note (5)

24. Released topless pipe (4)

28. Attendants brought back box containing the last letter of George Washington (7)

30. Tree left in secluded space (6)

32. Forbidding most of smut (4)

33. Westering sun engulfs brown trees (7)

34. Frisky otter taking a spin (6)

35. Lots of people twist (4)

36. Silver reflected minor illumination (8)


1. Captain brought in to distribute marine craft (4)

2. Good shot in color framing English fruit drink (7)

3. Contract for $100 in grape juice (5)

4. Formerly ornate cone (4)

5. German money we raised for bric-abrac (7)

6. Reciprocal speaking to consider (6) (hyphenated)

8. Shrewd and baffling questions voiced (4)

9. Performing exercises with weights (6)

10. Groups of five turn and step (7)

12. Wide cut that’s a relief (4)

13. Given praise in honor of Indian doctor(6)

18. Sudden attack northward captures World War councils (7)

19. Inattentive biting must not start (7)

20. Midget piano playing a tune (6)

21. Blabbermouth and crank chew the fat up (7)

22. Rise and fall of bishop’s domain was viewed in retrospect (6)

23. Lurch around each watercourse (6)

26. Watts keeping vow to sports fan‘s wife? (5)

27. Expert follower of ABC time? (4)

29. Special occasion for fruit (4)

30. White sow knocked bowls over (4)

31. Negative number in addition (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the March Puzzles


Solution notes follow the same order as clues in the puzzle, but correct numbers have been assigned.

20D. LI(C)KED 9D.KN-EELS 36A. SLB-BED (busrev.) 1A.SL(IC)ED 8D. CONTAMINATED (anag.) 5A. T(ERROR-ST)RUCK 35A. DEMONST(R)ABLE 1D. STEEP-LE(CH)ASE 16D.SARI (homophone) 10A. DU(P)E 21D. SPIT (double def.) 34A. P-EON 27D. LOCALE (homophone) 2D.LE(GAT)O 33A. E’S-CAPE 12A.TEITON (anag.) 32A. MICA (hidden) 29D.CI(A)O 13A. EAUX (homophone) 7D.RUM-P 26D. (s)LAIN 14A. R-I(M)S 31A.T(I)NT 10D.DUCT (homophone) 30A.DIVA (rev.) 15D. I(O)T-A 22D. ICON 17A.CLOG (double def.) 32D.MO(A)B 3D. CRU-X (anag. + x)18A. PATE (double def.) 28A.C(HI)C 6D. S(TREAMLIN)E (terminal anag.) 19A.LOT-1 S-E(ATE)R {tea anag.) 11D. PROSE-CUTE-S 24A. PICCALILLI (homophone) 23A. M(A-XIM).S (mix rev.) 4D. DREDGE 25D.ADO-PTS 20A. LESLIE (anag.)