The Puzzler


The diagram is divided into quadrants. Words from symmetrically matching locations in these quadrants are clued together, but each group of clues has been given a spin, leaving numbers and clues randomly matched. Solvers will have to determine where answers really belong. Answers include three proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 112.


1A. Favored keeping 4/4 beat (6)

36A. Prepares to be dubbed knight by slippery sorts (6)

9D. Stood in public transport, returning to lodging (6)

20D. Cut to luge going around 99 (6)

5A. No Admittance: spilled poison (12) 35A. Scared stiff of rig circling wrong street (12)

1D. Bogey firm about rating for movies that can be shown (12)

8D. Expensive rent keeps church in the running? (12)

10A. Pathetic-sounding Indian clothing (4)

34A. Trick expected around second of April (4)

16D. Eject rod (4)

21D. Farm worker in front of plow a long time (4)

12A. Heard of diet place (6)

33A. Without interruption, lion swallows gun (6)

2D. Get free engineer’s garment (6)

27D. Translated tune to German (6)

13A. Mineral found in pemmican. (4)

32A. Union group hosts a farewell to Fellini (4)

7D. State has to pay for scents (4)

29D. Booze on piano seat (4)

14A. Stretched out dead, removing cap (4)

31A. Brinks robber finally is holding one thousand (4)

10D. Explosive stuff written about one color (4)

26D. Tube dipped down in the ear (4)

17A. Ardent backing for prima donna (4)

30A. Zip into it a tiny bit (4)

15D. Picture of one prisoner (4)

22D. Jam in shoe (4)

18A. Crowd around a Dead Sea kingdom (4)

28A. Spot’s mark on rear of stray cur makes a point (4)

3D. Head spread (4)

32D. Hundreds holding greeting in style (4)

19A. Remodel terminal in southeast to improve efficiency (10)

24A. Drug-taker blended tea into batch with addict (10) (hyphenated)

6D. Tries writing dear little sister (10)

11D. Pluck a flower, speaking with relish (10)

20A. Sayings from Ms. about a regressive combination (6)

23A. Dragnet doctor has advantage (6) 4D. ‘Fakes on trouble with torpedo boats (6)

25D. Nuts see ill person’s name (6)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston. Mass, 02116.

Answers to the February Puzzles


Across. 1. MARS-H 5. (r)ADIOS 9. JOU(STE)R 11.QUI(R)T 12.LA(IT)Y 14.SOL(I)D 15.BE(ATIN)G 17.HER-RING 18.L-EARNER 19.SLENDER (anag. + rev.) 21. C-OLDS 25.INURE (homophone) 29. RA(I-SIN)G 30. B(RIDG)ED (grid anag.) 31.DR-ESS 32.SEEKS (homephone of Sikhs) 33.GENTILE (anag.) 34.EDILE (hidden) 35.ASSES(s) 36.AN-GER Down. 1.MOR(S)E 2.UNT-IE (nut anag.) 3.STA(1)N 4.AC-RIDER 5.CASTERS (double def.) 6.DU(ST-IN) 7. RAN-GE 8.STA(GGE)R (egg rev.) 10.EXCITED (anag.) 13.H(IN-D)S 16.BR-ADS 20.EN(SURE)D (user anag.) 21. SP(y)-RINGS 22.CRIME (anag.) 23.BLIGH(T)’S 24.ID(L)ES 25.IND(EX)ED (dined anag.) 26.J(E)R-KING 27.RESOLVE (anag.)28.FE(A)STER


“The determination to derive commercial or other benefit from being the last listing in the telephone book has resulted in self-given names starting with . . . zs— the extreme example being Mr. Zachary zzzzzzzzzzra in the San Francisco book.”

—Guinness Book of World Records