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Twenty of the clues given below lead ro five-letter words, while the other twenty lead to seven-letter words. However, in the interests of equality, all words are to be made six letters long before being entered in the diagram. Each seven-letter word may have any one of its letters dropped to form a new word, and each five-letter word may have a letter added anywhere to form its new word. Cine answers include a variant spelling at 34 Across and two proper nouns. Diagram entries include seven proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 88.


1.Planet with hot, wet land

5. Don’t start broadcasts for so long

9. French saint during day is armor-clad fighter

11. Stop carrying rod and whip

12. Amateurs wager about it

14. Sound of auctioneer’s call gripping one

15. Devouring a container of cookies, ask for punishment

17. Fish that miss hoop

IS. Apprentice left with paid worker

19. Thin lens distorted and reflected part of the rainbow

21. Bugs in average American car

25. In your voices, temper

29.Bringing up one fault in sleazy newspaper

30. Went over cryptic grid in the sack

31. Doctor letter with varnish

32. Petitions for some Indians announced

33. Christian let Inge free

34. Roman magistrate’s predilection, in part

35. Dumbbells weigh slightly short

36. One German passion


1. ( airve described by superior inventor

2. Nut set loose—in other words, free

3. Laurel found around one spot

4. Current passenger is more bitter

5. Those who shape wheels

6. Excavated around street in cleanup work

7. Stove operated by appliance corn.

8. Celebrity holds baek urge to shock

10. Rolling dice, Tex is hot

13 Does trendy drugs at first in high school

British commercials for nails

20. Guaranteed result keeping new user

21. Cloak-and-dagger groups dropping third sources

22. Middle America reviewed wrongdoing

23. Cruel captain’s grabbing first of’ the scourges

24. Fritters (50) consumed by midmonth

25. Dined out with old partner, getting in the hack pages

26. Having a fit. third-year student gets a taste of educator’s ruler

27. Fix lever so poorly

28. Be sore about a gourmand

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher dues, for a complete introduction to due-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street. Boston. Mass, 02116.

Answers to the January Puzzles


Across. 1. STORIED (double def.); SH(AFT)ED 5. SPARS-E; BOAR(D)S 10.TANG-O (rev.); CAP-ON ll.COUP(L)ES; SE(N)E-GAL 13. ORES (homophone); A LA N 15. S(CH)OONER; ClCUMBER 17.W-F.EK; LO-RE 18. CON-SIDERATION; GENERALLSSIM-O (anag. + o) 19.WEE-DER (red rev.); MO(on)-ROSE 20. PL(I)ANT; TIT(I)AN Down. 1. STfODGlY (dog anag.); SCAR(C)E 2.T-ALLOW; IIARIDEM 3.0-PAL (lap rev.); ANEW (homophone) 4.TORE-RO (or rev.); IN-GRID 6. PEON(y); OPUS (rev.) 7. A-UMlOST; A-GOIT-1 8. RE-BS: RANK (double def.) 9. SERMO N (anag. + n); ERRANT (hidden) 12.LE(M)ON (rev.); S(ELM)-A 14. NOSE (homophone); SE(v)ER 16. (s)HARP; C(HI)T