The Atlantic Puzzler


Letters of clue answers, when put in the appropriate diagram squares, will spell out a quotation—the first three lines of a four-line song stanza. The initial letters of the clue answers spell out the stanza’s concluding line. About a third of the letters in the diagram can be derived from more than one clue. Solvers are encouraged to shade in unused diagram squares. Answers include six proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 101.


1. I sock it to an evil city (9) (B9,M1,C3,D5,K2,J7,L10,G6,H12)

2. Gangster has heroin in tower? (4) (K10,M11.E6,I6)

3. Swat bugs on back of Chinese junk (5) (H7,F9,A13,M7,I3)

4. Gold rush month (6) (Cl,M4,L13,A6,F10,H2)

5. Colony member enters short dwelling (6)(M10,G4,C12,K9.G9,F3)

6. Star carries stolen $1000 rifle (7) (J8,B1,H8,E13,J1,D3,H13)

7. Insect I had cleverly pierced by head of pin 5)(F6,M13,J12,B5,D9)

8. Audibly got out of the way of pipe (4) (K6‚H9‚C9‚M2)

9. State in West is opposed to lawlessness (9)(G13,B2,B13,M5,E5,J11,A13,K12,D7)

10. Suppressing urge, he’s in knots (7) (G10,M12,B6,B10,I9,L9,M1)

11. Christian scientist in a whirl (4) (C6,D9,F7,E2)

12. Recess elicits disapproval, then approval (4)(K9,B12,I12,M6)

13. You can be found in hothouses (4) (Dll,F1,C8,I13)

14. Refurbishing yacht, wash doors (9) (A2,B7,C4,L8,F11,J6,H1,E2,M10)

15. Beating a broth violently (6) G7,A1,E10,H5,C8,L10)

16. Object about relatives reasoning (8) (A10‚F4,B9,J11,M6,L3,D7,E8)

17. Foolishly trade hog to animal keeper (8)(16,J10,LI,B11,M8,C10,L12,K6)

18. Gambling game for rent, in a way (8) (Ill,E5,A6,H10,El,J5,G2,F2)

19. Actor Michael going back to get a primitive computer (5) (I1,L2,A7,F9,M5)

20. A poet has nothing on (6) (D5,A5,I7,C12,K1,H12)

21. Novelist with $100 in battered portmanteau (6,6)(G8,111,E6,K2,G6,B8, C9,C1,K13,I12,E13,D4)

22. Quiet, elastic bushes (9) (J8,D13,H5,M4,A5,D1‚H3,I4,F3)

23. Chopper headgear on Mr. Huntley (7) (F11,K4,M7,L8,E10,K7,G8)

24. Translate movement of printer to alien (9)(K5,H13,B11,L11,K1,B3,M3,H3,E11)

25. Greek character these days is collecting stamps (9) (B3,A11‚L3‚D2,F6‚H2‚J13,H10,A4)

26. Made in raw, rough, tin (7) (J6,M3,I7,D3,E8,G4,B4)

27. Number the GI changed (5) (A3,J3,L13,F5,D11)

28. Patching torn headwear (8) (G13,F13,J1,I9,Ell,B10,L1‚K13)

29. Tossed over, you might say (5) (A9,J2,L12,K7,G13)

30. Indian garb I’d put back, keeping warm(5)(F7,G5,J10,G9,F13)

31. Poetaster contrived musical works (9) (B12,G1,G11,I4,A12,E3,J5,H1,B13)

32. Before attempt, get very cold (6) (H7,C2,L2,I8,K11,A4)

33.’ The middle of ships in the sound (5) (B8,K4,I2,M9,A8)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to cluesolving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the June Puzzler, “CODEBREAKING”

Across. 1. CAESARS (anag.) 7. AREA 13.L0B-O 14. CLA(NNI)SH (inn rev.) 15. (h)ARBOR 17. WIN-NOW 18. SONS (homophone) 19. A(RYAN)S 21. SW(IN)ISH 23. NIX-ON 25.TALON (hidden) 27. MINIONS (hidden peripherally) 30. T(WOB)lT (bow rev.) 32. SIZE (homophone) 34. SWO(O)NS (anag. + o) 36. A-SWAN 37. SEAWATER (anag.) 38. I-RID 40. ETTA (hidden) 41. MOTORED Down. 1. C(AL)ASH 2. ADORN (anag.) 3. MON(SOONTS 4. ACCRA (car anag.) 5.S(P)AM 6. M(IN-0)AN 8. RAINS (anag.) 9. ELSIE (anag.) 10.A(SH)MEN 12. ALA(RM)S 16. B-OIL 20. OMISSION (anag.) 22. SNI(p)PED 24. MINX (homophone) 25.T-1SSUE 26. NOMADS (anag. minus 1) 28.W(END)ED 29. I(NKP)T (pen rev.) 30. TO(AS)T 31.T(A)ROT 33.Z(A)-IRE 35. STEM (double def.)