Your True Marcus

edited by Frank L.Byrne and Jean Powers Soman. Kent State,$19.95. Marcus Spiegel, a German-Jewish immigrant of 1849, found in the United States the freedom and opportunity that he could not have hoped for in the old country. He was mightily grateful, and sprang to the defense of the Union when the Civil War broke out. He served in the 67th and 120th Ohio Volunteer Regiments, rising to the rank of colonel and seeing action in both the eastern and western sectors. Throughout his service Spiegel wrote voluminously to his family, and his letters, as presented in this collection, make a wonderfully vivid and detailed picture of military life from major battles to midget tents. The editors have provided extensive and very useful notes and have not tampered with the idiosyncraticspelling that arose from Spiegel’s lingering German accent. One virtually hears the Colonel’s voice. One also comes to see this proud, enthusiastic, not impractical idealist as a friend, whose death, when his luck finally runs out, causes real grief.