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All clues in this puzzle are normal cryptic clues, but each one includes a word that occurs elsewhere in the puzzle as an answer; in each clue that word has been replaced by a reference to the number in the diagram where it occurs. For example, if the answer to 1-Across were ROSE, a normal clue might read “Flower came up” (double definition), but in this puzzle the clue would read “5-D came up”—provided that the word FLOWER occurred as a diagram entry at 5-Down. Answers include three proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 105.


1.Darn 20-A is reversed (4)

4. I’m bad, keeping saint with 31-A person (8)

10. Mix up a pair of farm 2-D (7)

11. Retain the 34-A of holy prayer (4)

12. The Devil’s 22-D (4)

13. 5-D capers for an astronomical distance (6)

14. Perfume 15-D a rising plane (6)

16. 50% of grass having flaw made 35-A (7)

17. Concerning 32-A’s concrete (4)

18. Turbulent circumstances 11-A Paul in a tizzy (8)

20.Typewriter symbol in a set 4-D terribly (8)

24. Bit of 25-D in Diana’s party snacks (4)

26. Bum places first of 24-A with the top off? (7)

28.Laugh at 16-D bards for keeps (6)

31. Wrongly rates Z “not 17-A” (6)

32. Ex-secretary is hag I made 14-D (4)

33. Partially nibbles at 30-D and stuff (4)

34. Debut of GOP—nine in 18-A (7) 35. More reliable guide 28-A foreign aid


36. In football, they can 3-D and send flying (4)


1. Summoned section of 6-D (4)

2. In 14-A, hit in a game? (7)

3. Grab 29-D and feline back (6)

4. Taxers collecting 12-A’s last rags (4) 5. Zany chart about a Doc’s 36-A (6)

6. Seedy item gets 4-A angered somewhat (6)

7. Sample Time and 33-A awfully (5)

8. Through with paramour 26-A? (4)

9. Remodeling cellar, Ed 1-D again (8) 14. Ref has flopped 8-D (6)

15. 27-1), rail service carries dogs (6)

16. Truncated eels, shad having 21-D


19.10-A in dream for red man (7)

21. Editor suffering 23-D went wild (6)

22. Traveling 13-A in a fix (6)

23. Twist and turn around rack 16-A (6) 23. Awkwardly step around 19-D’s chief

with stick (5)

27. Blast some of old 1-A (4)

29. Grazer gets grass 9-D? (4)

30. Some breakfast examples having 7-D of ginger? (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send an addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the April Puzzler,


Across. 2. HEM(IS)P-HERE 4. AMISH (pun) 6. O-NTO (0 + anag.) 7.(w)OMAN 10. SHOAL (anag.) ll.SE(NE-GALKS)E Down. l.SOA(P OPE)R-AS 2.H(A)UNT 3. P-RAM 5. HAN DY-NASTY 8. ME-LEE 9. SLUG (double def.) Six-Letter Words. a. ENRAGE (anag.) b. O-RATES c.A-RENAS (saner rev.) d. P(INK)IE e. GENEVA (anag.) f. B-ROGUE g. A SSERT (tress rev.) h. URSINE (anag.) i. E(U)CHRE (anag. + u) j.HE(MM)ED k. RASHER (double def.) 1. TA(VER)N (Rev rev.) Seven-Letter Words. m. RANG-O-ON n. ASUNDER (anag.) o. BASEMEN(t) p.P-ERHAPS (p + anag.) q.A(MNE)-STY (men anag.) r. R(UNN)ING (nun anag.) s.CAN(DL)ES t.ME-DI(C)AL u. PAN-ACE-A v.SARCASM (anag.) w. INCENSE (anag.) x. ENIGMAS (anag.)