The Atlantic Puzzler


(Acknowledgments to Zander of The Listener)

Clues to all sixand seven-letter words have been listed in haphazard order. Solvers must determine the location of these answers by using the other (normal) clues as guides. Answers include six proper nouns.

The answers to last month’s Puzzler appear on page 141.


2. Half the world is covered with grass now (10)

4. People in Pennsylvania like the morning? (5)

6. Aware of wheel not spinning (4)

7. Arab country has female beheaded (4)

10. Halos flickering in low waters (5)

11. African spot split bv northeast winds (10)


1. Holy man enters tower while in TV melodramas (10) (two words)

2. Search around a hangout (5)

3. Softly bump into a stroller (4)

5. Near-cruel rule in China (10) {two words)

8. Yours truly, General Donnybrook (5)

9. Clobber sloth (4)


a. Infuriate a green cuckoo

b. Love deserves talks

c. A more reasonable backing for sports facilities

d. Finger pastry filled with dark fiuid

e. Avenge wrong for city

f. British rascal’s accent

g. Affirm a lock turned

h. Insure tumbling of bears

i. Organized cheer about university game

J. Mind keeping thousands trapped

k. Bacon is less advisable?

l. Reverend goes back into brown inn


m. Called “operator” continuously in Asian city

n. A red sun blown apart

o. Ballplayers in the cellar, almost

p. Maybe President altered phrase

q. Pardon bad men locked in a pen

r. Jogging nun moves in circle

s. Sticks holding 550 lights

t. Maine call rounds up 100 of doctors

u. Harshly criticize expert with a cureall

V. Scathing remarks, as “Scram, stupid”

w. Mad scene in Smoke

X. Riddles unraveled in games

Answers to the March Puzzler, “GUIDED TOUR”

The tour (which solvers may begin at any point) is: Nepal, Laos, Singapore, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen, New Zealand, Denmark, Kuwait, Togo, Oman.

Across. 2. SETBA(C)K (anag. 4c) 7.AL-GA l0. RO(P)Y 12. AB’S-ORB 13. IGNORED (anag.) 14. SUNNA (anag.) 15. k-HYBER (K + anag.) 16. PA-Y UP 17. RUM-P 19. SQUIGGLE (anag. minus l) 22. MO(HA)VE 25. BEAU (homophone) 27. VENISON (anag.) 28. O-MEN 30. E(A)T 31. ELF (hidden) 32. REWARD (rev.) 33. ELDEST (anag. + l) Down. 1. DREI (anag.) 2. SORGHUM (homophone) 3. E(PONY)M (me rev.) 4. TY-P-O 5. AUGER (anag.) 6. CAN-DOUR 7. ASSUAGE (anag.) 8. LOO-NY 9. G(RANUL)E (lunar rev.) 11. BAR-EST 14. SPIKING (anag.) 18. PIANOL-A (anag. + a) 20. Q-UESTED (Q + anag.) 21. WHET (homophone) 23. VI-CAR 24. B(OOZ)E (zoo rev.) 25. B(O-O)ED 26. UN(F)IT 27. VANE (homophone) 29. ELMS (anag.)