With Hemingway

by Arnold Samuelson. Random House, $16.95. In 1934 the late Arnold Samuelson hitchhiked to key West and presented himself, as a humble twenty-two-year-old admirer and wouldbe author, on the doorstep of Ernest Hemingway. He was, to his amazement, quickly enlisted as a combination pupilhandyman-kid brother, and spent months lishing off Cuba with Hemingway the sportsman and listening to the excellent advice of Hemingway the writer. He kept a record of his adventures but never published it, perhaps out of delicacy, perhaps because the imitation-Hemingway style (almost inevitable under the circumstances) proved impossible to alter. As it now appears, with some editing by Samuelsons daughter, the memoir provides a fine view of Hemingway as kindly teacher, generous host, worried fishing guide, reckless (and unsuccessful) whaler, and occasional s.o.b. The book is well worth reading.