The Atlantic Puzzler


Every clue answer involves a “trick” (having its letters anagrammed to make a new word entered in the grid) or a “treat” (being given an extra letter to make a new word entered in the grid). There are 20 “trick” words and 20 “treat” words; answer lengths have been omitted to keep each type disguised until its clue has been solved.

There are four proper nouns among clue answers and four among diagram entries.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 127.


1. Halloween costumes to bear

5. Set fire to land

10. Afterthought about angry buccaneers

11. Part of troupe running by

12. Poor sense of pitch makes musical note approximate (two words)

13. Name adopted by cagey actor

14. Frees Utes in revolts

16. Team expressed sorrow to audience

18. Opera singer makes eager return

19. Splattered tar gets outhouse ruined

23. $1000 notice returned to Spanish noblemen

26. Fly around left of the sun

28. Audibly cut fruit

29. Flower rates poorly

32. Like a silly goose eating small nuts

33. Material in Conrad novel

34. Lennon’s love is performing nothing

35. Incline to like money

36. Set out twice to fly

37. Answer about the Greek city


1. Model’s back framed by a right painter

2. Almost obliterate Times

3. Bridle makes horse’s head change

4. Stick on eastern tree

5. Rich woman’s parents

6. Make a record of some lumber

7. Get retribution for England in prayer

8. Professor has hot drink with pop singer

9. University in Georgia offers drawing

14. Black shabby bales

15. Many an authority falls, we hear

17. Farmer gives vegetables to colony member

20. Water bird swallows one drug

21. Perches Haley novel around front of shelf

22. Pets around red wagons

24. Andre wandering in old forest

25. Notices shortstop bearing big belly

27. Bind large tree

30. Tidy trap catches one

31. Put on an English professor

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Answers to the September Puzzler, “PUZZLE CUBE”

1.a. THRE(AD)E-D b. CUR-T C. LIEU (homophone) 2.a.SPA(r) b. RAC(O)NTEUR (anag. + o) c. ZEN-O 3.a. RESTOCK (anag.) b. KA(LAMA)ZOO 4.a. HART (double def.) b. ETH(N)IC c. MEEKLY (anag. minus i) 5.a. ARCH (double def.) b. M(ONE-T)ARY c.TR(O)Y 6.a.APPAL(ACHIAN)S (a chain anag.) b.CO(W)ED 7.a.PICK-A-X b. LI(PIZZA)NER 8.a.SATE (anag.) b.OKRAS (hidden) c.MIN(ARE)T 9.a. YAP (rev. ) b. TUNA (hidden) c.TAX-I d. ALTAR (homophone) 10.a. P(RATTLE)S b. LARK-SPl R(t) 11.a.H(E)AT b. MIN(C)E c. ES(CAP)ES (sees anag.) 12.a. HERO-D b. TAN(T)-RUM C. HIPS (anag.)