The Atlantic Puzzler


Like the bedroom guests of the legendary Procrustes, every clue must be shortened or stretched to fit into its resting place in the grid. Every alteration is made by dropping or adding a single letter at the front or back of an answer, always forming a new word to be entered in the diagram. Clue answers include four proper nouns; diagram entries include seven proper nouns.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 123.


1. Bee workers in ditches 5. Dries a fluid up

10. Metallic noise in prison

11. Time of wind song

13. Outlaws eating an American fruit

14. Wash lance off

15. Sneak $100 to spy from the other side

16. Hardy is a patriot

17. Our uncle has left sock

18. Group of 50 caught by Wild West general

20. Outside of New Hampshire, experimentally operate with a kind of surgery (hyphenated)

24. Revoke order on damn truce

26. In tidal wave, Navy is carried

28. Family member cracked a nut

29. Mouthpieces for computer info

31. Boat comes from receding waters

33. Bad men do something evil

34. Point to ump with hesitation

35. Hammer with no head on shelf

36. Hat with dubious merit

37. Rescuer cradles head of little fawn

38. Odd new rocks on the ground


1. Within limit, train makes connection

2. String in wet tangles

3. Softball team fit with sufficient defense?

4. Heated conflict with military’s leader

5. Table overturned in crooked room

6. Tomb with large stones

7. Pat’s endless worries

8. Desperately hate the middle of “The Wasteland”

9. Lunatic rode in with moolah

12. Land, for crying out loud

15. A newscast’s debut televised soon

19. Gin is run in spigot

21. Dressed in a toga, fellow dropped out of Roman bed

22. Prize in astrophysics

23. Coin phrase at last: “color-focused”

24. Translate “merci” wrong

25. Bungling assault nets fast five bucks

26. A poem’s about bee dwellings

27. Rock’s sound is fresher

28. Hills of a strange sort

30. Circles mature Indian

32. Measure top of maple tree inaccurately

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston. Mass. 02116.

Answers to the April Puzzler,


1 a. ANG(L)ER (anag. + l) b. EPF-CURE (pie anag.) 2a. ULSTER (anag.) b.D(I-SOB)EY c.SPRAG (anag.) d.Y(E)SHIVA (anag. + e) e. LOPES (slope with first letter put last) f.S-TROLL g. DENEB (hidden) 3a. SLAVIC (anag.) b.SE(v)EN c. IDILE (homophone) d. PENAL (anag.) e. (S)ESSO(l) (rev.) f. (m)ELE(VAT)E (a TV anag.) g. OR-IN-O-CO h.(a)ISLES i. (st)o.(HEN)RY j.I-TEM (met rev.) k.COM(e)-A 4a.SI(R)LO-IN b. AC(T)ING C.I-OT-A (rev.) d. LA-TIN E.(GHOST

f.G-ATE g. TORN-A-DO h . PIN-A-TA( i1) 5a.R(EAR) END b. E-VADER C. M(ART)EN d. LOLA (hidden) e.SHOE (anag.) f. NO(I)SE g. EL-ITE (tie anag. ) h.R-ECEIP-T (rev.) 6a. DE(S)IGNS b. DAIS(I)ES C. MAGYARS (anag.) d. SANE (homophone) e. ERGO (rev.) f. S(A-L)ONS G.SENOR (anag.) h.ERAS (double def.)

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