The Atlantic Puzzler



Answers to clues are to be entered in horizontal rows and vertical columns, as in a normal crossword. These rows and columns each contain two words totaling 11 letters. A word may pass through anywhere from one to six of the numbered rings, but its clue is listed under the number of the innermost ring through which it passes. To get you oriented, Ring 2 will contain an appropriate 8-letter term reading clockwise from the numbered square. Answers include nine proper words and an uncommon word at 2c.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 149.


1a. Sportsman in range shot about 50


b.Cooked pie treat for gourmet (7) 2a. Bombing result in Northern Ireland (6)

b. Captured by Turkish ruler, I weep and act defiant (7)

c. Grasp broken wagon brake (5)

d. Ivy has wound around eastern university (7)

e. Runs hillside, front to back (5)

f. School’s foremost fish move in a leisurely way (6)

g. Star crosses inside nebula (5)

3a. Cavils about language (6)

b. Comprehended 7-5 (4)

c. Lazy pastoral poem recited (4)

d. Nepal needs reform of laws dealing with criminals (5)

e. Oil giant once trimmed losses back (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 02116.

f. Raise ruckus, losing head about a TV broadcast (7)

g. River in Venezuela or in Orange County (7)

h. Rows beyond the first bodies in the sea (5)

i. Story about bird has no saint for author (6) (two words)

j. Thing I encountered on the way back (4)

k. Arrive, almost at a state of unconsciousness (4)

4a. Cut hole for missiles in surrounding countryside’s middle (7)

b. Deputy, getting hole in one, keeps tee (6)

c. Jot the first nine letters from right to left (4)

d. Los Angeles element from south of the border (5)

e. Note entertainer’s spirit (5)

f. Opening bag at last, had lunch (4)

g. Strong wind disrupted a coiffure (7)

h.Tack a tail halfway in figure hung at a party (6)

5a. Catching spike, rip seat (7) (two words)

b. Dodger enthusiast’s chief villain (6)

c. Furry animal’s pictures taken by people (6)

d. Name of a girl in Buffalo—Laverne (4)

e. Fixed hose to pump, perhaps (4)

f. Senser picks up one sound (5)

g. Special railroad tie developed (5)

h. Time article on movie rating returned with acknowledgment (7)

6a. Behaves condescendingly about wavy line patterns (7)

b. Flowers I planted in platforms (7)

c. Hungarians in rags may rebel (7)

d. Listened to river’s sound (4)

e. Therefore, monster returns (4)

f. One left in children’s shops (6)

g. Roaming Norse man in Spain (5)

h. Statistics kept on pitchers’ ages (4)

Answers to the March Puzzler,


The extra letters spell MS. PAC-MAN.

Across. 1. MINO(TAU)R; FIRS (homophone) 2. SEC(RE)T; TRA-DER (rev.) 3. CHAR-GE; PEDDLE (homophone) 4. TON(NAG)E; T(A)ROT 5. PAR(AD)E; DEN-TED 6. OPENING (anag.); RUMEN (homophone) 7. TAR-TAR; CAST(L)E 8. ST(RID)E (set anag.); BER(E)T’S 9. S-HOCK; SU(GAR)E-D 10. MA-RACAS (a car’s anag.); A(SSA)M (ass rev.) 11. S(TAT)URE; B-OOZE 12. RESETS (anag.); A-CORN’S Labyrinth. a. M(A-Z)E-S b. ROSS (hidden) c. A(RE)A d. BU(GAB)-OO e. C(AES)ARS (sea rev.) f. TUCKS (homophone) g. ERADICATES (anag.) h. RATERS (anag.) i. SHO(R)TS-TOP j. PAR-TNER (rev.) k. NOTCHES (anag.) 1. INCA-RNADINE (a dinner anag.) m. G-AGE n. ROT(A)TE (T tore anag.) o. TUR-RETED (rev.) p. GRENAD-A (danger anag.) q. FIDDLER (pun) r. RE(TORTE)D S. NESTLE (hidden) t. MUSTERED (homophone)