The Atlantic Puzzler


(Acknowledgments to Mike Shenk)

Each Across row in this puzzle contains two consecutive words totaling 12 letters, clued in order. In addition, 20 words wind themselves consecutively through the labyrinthine trail formed by the heavy bars. These words are clued in order (with clues lettered a—t for convenience), but exactly where the trail begins and in which direction it proceeds is left for solvers to determine. Solvers will find, while entering these labyrinth words, certain single letters occurring between two consecutive labyrinth words (these extra letters being indicated only by the Across words). When the puzzle is completed, these eight letters will spell, from top to bottom and left to right as they appear in the diagram, the name of a character associated with labyrinths.

Answers include six proper nouns.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 133.


1. Greek character involved in small labyrinth problem? (8) Listen to shrub evergreens (4)

2. Religious group keeps regarding mystery (6) Suffering reversal embarrassed art dealer (6)

3. Attack and burn appliance company (6) Try to sell bicycle to audience (6)

4. Weight of character straddling horse (7) Run around a deck (5)

5. March advertisement is in trim (6) Study on Kennedy is defaced (6)

6. Beat on peg in hole (7) Heard of chamber in a cow’s stomach (5)

7. Turkish sailors? (6) Indian group has left fortress (6)

8. Set punk bands free to walk (6) End of plume stuck in Bertram’s headwear (6)

9. Small pawn causes alarm (5) Sweet Sue died eating fish (7)

10. Mom mended a car’s rattles (7) Dope brought back into American state (5)

11. Produce lace in certain condition (7) Drink black muck (5)

12. Again fixes injured steers (6) A grain’s yielding nuts (6)


a. Labyrinths taking me around a zigzag curve

b. Explorer mentioned in Acrosses

c. Articles about the extremes of remote space

d. Bogey gives talk in Mass, college circles

e. Vehicles carrying back marine leaders

f. Loud evening dress with folds

g. Wipes out a case tried wrongly

h. Mistakenly arrest judges

i. Photos of the best quality framing right fielder

j. Spouse reflectively split punch

k. Knife marks marred C. Heston

l. Red Indian cooked a dinner

m. Grand time for a pledge

n. Model T tore around a turn

o. Return to check channel with towers

P. Terrible danger on a Caribbean island

q. Crabby violinist?

r. Communist eating pastry came back

s. Honest letters exposing press intimately

t. Summoned spice for ears

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to The Atlantic Puzzler, 8 Arlington Street, Boston‚ Mass. 02116.

Answers to the February Puzzler, “HEARTS”

Across. 4. FI(N)ANCE 12. COARSE (homophone) 13. A(LAB)-AMA 14. (con)CRETE 15. A-LOOF (fool rev.) 16. SNOB (anag.) 17. EMU-LATE 18. R-ICE 19. LIMBO (double def.) 20. DOOR (rev.) 22. SCAN(t) 23. THYME (homophone) 27. TALE (anag.) 30. HOB-NOB (homophone of knob) 31. TH(ALI)A (hat anag.) 32. CONS-TRAIN 35. AD-RIFT 36. PROV(ID)E 37. REUNION (anag.) 38. ENTER-TAIN(MEN)T Down. 1. AC(CO)RD (card anag.) 2. HO-RATIO (pun) 3. CAT-A-COMB (act. anag.) 4. F(R)EE 5. I-SLAM 6. A-TOLL 7. C-LEFT 8. EASE (anag.) 9. CAN(0NIC)AL (coin anag.) 10. AMOE-BA 11. BA(BOO)N 21. RE-NOIR (iron anag.) 22. STATION (anag.) 23. TH(RAC)E (car rev.) 24. H(OLD)EN 25. CON(I)FER 26. CHAR-ON 28. LIN(D)EN 29. EAR-NEST 32. C-REST 33. TUN-A (rev.) 34. N(IN)E