The Atlantic Puzzler


Each quadrant of the diagram is governed by its own set of rules. In one quadrant, both Across and Down words are entered normally; in a second, both Across and Down entries are reversed; in a third, Acrosses are normal and Downs are reversed; and in the fourth, Acrosses are reversed and Downs are normal. Any portion of an answer falling within a given quadrant follows the rules for that quadrant. So the 12-letter Across word CROSSHATCHES would be entered CROSSHSEHCTA if going from a normal quadrant to one in which Acrosses are reversed; or HSSORCATCHES if going from reversed to normal. Of course, solvers must determine the rules for each quadrant. Answers include four proper nouns.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears ov page 109.


1. Letters put forward, backward (5)

5. Number one in factory-operating (7)

11. Woes being passed around in a TV program (10)

13. Charted crime for hearing (7)

14. Announcer of show is nobleman in audience (7)

15. Ugly villain is so rejected (4)

16. Worker put egg into jug (4)

17. Nothing makes changes in flower parts (7)

18. Leading couples from chic area come also for barbecue item (8)

23. Dancing and song enthralls royal family member (8)

24. Splitting a doughnut after a signal for quiet (7)

25. Food in a cube (sort of square) (4)

26. To run a country (4)

28. Lowest name set apart (7)

30. Booze oozed and rolled (7)

31. Tailor gains bread making suits (10)

32. People unwisely salt nuts (7)

33. A biter in summer? (5)


1. Unity may make no sense (7)

2. Regarding pretty reward (7)

3. City Nero lost (4)

4. Man doing imitations is making a pile (7)

6.Stating a vow, at first, and goofing (8)

7. Protective covering for post (4)

8. Drives train through supports (7)

9. Miracle one works with ritual (10)

10.Mad Dane’s chair (5)

12. Building track around you (10)

17. Romance novel—large serving of mush? (8)

19. A beatnik receives pinch from athlete (7)

20. Bad oil user gets worse (7)

21. Doctor aided on abnormal growth (7)

22. One taking part in crazy time with wine (7)

24. Casually play some instruments (5)

27.Qualified backing for island (4)

29. Laborer seen drunk (4)

Note: The instructions above are for this months puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, write to The Atlantic Reprint Department. 8 Arlington Street, Host on. Mass, 02116, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Answers to the June Puzzler, “WASTE RECYCLING”

Across. 1. RE-FUSE 6. LAS(SO)ER’S 11. B(LUSTER)Y 12. S-MASH 13. C(ADE)T 14. L(ENIN)IST (nine rev.) 16. R(ETREA)D (a tree anag.) 17. S(HIP-MEN)T 19. CREON (hidden) 21. FINER (double def.) 22. GR0(WN)UPS 24. LARAMIE (anag.) 29. PAINTERS 30. TI(T)LE 31. IMP-EL 32. DRAM-A-TIC 33. GU(ERNSE)Y (sneer anag.) 34. SP-EARS Down. 2. R-ELATION 3. FE(U)DS 4. CU(STOM-E)R (most anag.) 5. STY-LE 6. CAR-(S)EEN 7. S(TIL)ET-TO (lit rev.) 8. O’S-IE-R 9. EA-S-ED 10. SH(AD)INE-SS 15. TH(RILL)ING 18. TEA RINGS (double def.) 19. CENOTAPH (anag.) 20. ESPALIER (anag.) 23. ORNERY (hidden) 25. C(R)APE 26. MI(L)NE 27. TRAMS (rev.) 28. PINT-A

Cast-off letters clue: Elements of waste are recycled in the ocean. Answer: SEAWATER (anag.)