The Atlantic Puzzler


There are two unclued entries in this puzzle, which solvers would be wise to heed. Answers include five proper nouns.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 106.


1. Catching public transportation, American man had jumped (8)

7. Run away from canine, turning north (5)

11. Perch in kangaroo’s tummy (5)

12. Attack teen’s unlimited growth of hair (6)

14. Sound of Frenchman’s rancor (4)

15. Let oil corrupt a man’s name (6)

16. Tasseled shifts from an unknown era (8)

17. Herb Black is back in the Cotton State (5)

18. Will Shakespeare’s first passage (5)

21. One large in any way (5) (2 words)

24. Friend from VT or NH country? (5)

26. Held a meeting again about college exam (5)

29. Listen to a king’s expressions of malice (5)

31. A sort of exclamation that’s imitative (5)

32. Organ pipe expert has to fold, almost (8)

34. Put in some more track carrying a certain train (6)

36. Corn bread cooked? Nope (4)

37. What a grammarian might teach some younger underclassmen (6)

38. Support almost all of the law (5)

39. Commercial led off with rot (5)

40. Snatches whips, gives punishment (8)


1. Travel behind a royal old ship (4)

2. Returned two rings with 1000 dollars (6)

3. Fish I caught in Boston after a struggle (7)

4. Rock and roll notes (5)

5. He rolled, rocked, and shouted (8)

6. Sign on Chou’s missing a “T” (6)

7. Skeletal part of Ben—too horrible (8) (2 words)

8. Coastal city steps up with some western swingers? (7)

9. Moving west, with finality (7)

10. Tease bodyguards, having no particular reason (8)

13. Trunk is damaged, so we hear (5)

18. Long story about sailor returning love to a town (8)

19. He’ll rant, strangely, with charm (8)

20. Tree’s main goal: spreading (8)

22. Peg, in a rush, was unhappy (7)

23. Retiring, like a badly beaten boxer? (7)

25. Note book in part shows a kind of infiltration (7)

27. King is aspiring to be a Philly ballplayer (5)

28. Collision involving a carriage (6)

30. Overcoat for kid—large one (6)

33. Clown’s face—funny nose shapes (5)

35. Forty-nine to fifty small aches and pains (4)

Answers to the September Puzzler, “SPINNING WHEEL”

a. RO(L)LE-R; M(OR)R-IS; P(ILL)AR; AL(O)ES b. UN(SEE)N (nun anag.); VIRTU (hidden rev.); IN(U)RES (anag. + u); J(AUNT)’S C. ULCER (anag.); AVER-SE; R(OP)ING; RECIPE (anag.) d. IMP-AIR; PACER (rev.); RUSSIA (homophone); S(CAPE)S e. T(R)OPE (anag. + r); I(R)ONIC; W(ASH)ED; H(ON)ORS(e) f. UPB-EAT (pub anag.); BATTLE (anag.); MALIC (anag.); TATTOO (double def.) g. BATTER (double def.); F(AC)ILE; T(RIC)OT; A-ROSE h. I-D(AH)O; DISAR-M (anag. + m); MA(I)SON; VE(RM)IN i. RI(GGE)D (egg anag.); JO(RD)AN; NUG-GET (gun rev.); ARIEL (homophone) j. JET-S-AM; STAINS (anag.); UK-ASE (sea anag.); ME(NI)AL (in rev.) k. UNSNAP (anag.); STRAIN (double def.); SP(ART)A; ELITE (hidden) l. GALLEY; ANISE (hidden); G(R)ILLS; MAR-GIN