The Atlantic Puzzler


Each section of this wheel contains 4 whole words—three 6-letter words and one 5-letter word. Two of the 6-letter words and the 5-letter word are to be entered radially, either inward or outward (in all, 18 go inward and 18 go outward). The remaining 6-letter word in each section belongs in the yellow rings, starting at any block, but always proceeding clockwise.

Each set of 4 clues (lettered a-1 below) yields, in no special order, one section’s words. The sets themselves are also presented out of order; the innermost and outermost rings of the wheel should help you restore properorder. Letters that fall in the gray squares will form a self-descriptive phrase.

Answers include an uncommon 5-letter word (in clue set j), one foreign word, and five proper nouns.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 99.


a. Wheel part has 12th letter filled in right (6)

Short guy is taking Alternative Dance


Merger of Standard and Poor’s seen in column (6)

Plants a bit of opium in drinks (5)

b. Around bishop’s jurisdiction, Flying Nun is not showing (6)

Search about Riviera, from east to west, for artistic merit (5)

Trapping bug in the middle, fluid resin hardens (6)

Jack’s taking a relative for spins (6)

c. Cruel wound makes stomach sore (5) Opposed state senate’s limits (6)

Work in arena practicing with a lasso (6) Pierce developed formula (6)

d. Do damage to Young Rascal song (6) Indiana basketballer makes summary return (5)

In speech, put pressure on a world power (6)

Steamship rounding point of land affords scenic views (6)

e. Poet in a dither about right figure of speech (5)

Sarcastic style of column about Republican (6)

Pair carrying soap ingredient did laundry (6)

You must get back off horse before obtaining riding school recognition (6)

f. Cheerful pub prepared snack (6)

Tablet broken in fight (6)

Far-fetched claim for a type of acid (5) Figure on somebody’s signal to come home (6)

g. Someone at home has not yet finished cookies (6)

Easy to row around current (6)

Baby clothing fabric—50% knit (6) Stood for a drink made from skinless grapes (5)

h. State a vow at the altar, suppressing a sigh (5)

Win over chief of military after surprise

raids (6)

Construction worker owns one house in France(6)

Vessel with room aboard for rats (6)

i. Fixed free eats: scrambled egg (6) River road taken by saint (6)

Rev going west to get some gold (6) Angel with audio antenna (5)

j. Plane to South America has lost cargo


Satin’s ruffled in spots (6)

Edict from Great Britain reapportioned sea (5)

Servant has meal around in back (6)

k. Loosen up Ann’s nuts (6)

Emotional tension in song (6)

Paintings in resort in part of Greece (6) Deli tea comes with cream (5)

l. Old ship has grand passageway (6) Herb found in Sudan is edible (5)

Cooks getting breathers around midafternoon (6)

The distance between finishers hurt spirits (6)

Answers to the August Puzzler,


Across. a. BAR-N; IMPOSTOR (anag.) b. C(RAN)IA; HI-NC c. (S)TORE; AR(RANG)ED d. STOGIE (anag.); H(ER)S e. TU(RRE)T (err rev.); NI-TWIT (in rev.) f. A-THEN-E; SMIT(h) g. HAS-TEN; D(E)CEIT(anag + e) h. BURR (double def.); TWIN(G)E i. HOST (double def.); NAG-A-SAKI j. BALL (double def.); SALINE (anag.) k. LE(SS)ER; DETEST (pun) Down. 1. AN-ES(THE-TIS)T 2. SCATTED (double def.); WHAT (anag.) 3. TH(e)-ROW; A-E-ROBE 4. RING (doubledef.); E(X)TEHNAL 5. NIGH(TIN)-GALE 6. PARENT(HE)-SIS 7. OCARINA (anag. minus m); B-ANS 8. ORESTES (anag.); US-ED 9. R-ADIUS (r + anag.); TI(T)LE 10. IN(TERMING)LE (line anag.)