The Atlantic Puzzler


Answers to the clues lettered a-k, when broken into two-letter segments, yield building blocks for the construction of a wall. For example, ANSWER would be broken into AN, sw, and ER, and these blocks could occur anywhere in their designated row. Their proper positions are cemented by the Down words 1-10, which are entered normally in the order listed. Additional words are formed by the twelve letters projecting at the sides of the wall. Answers include four proper nouns, a Latin word, and an archaism at f. Punctuation may be used deceptively.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 97.


a. Building block number (4) Poor Tim’s ill. . . he’s not himself (8)

b. Operated inside secret agents’ skulls (G)

Howdy, North Carolina, from here in Pompeii (4)

c. Rent shop with no faqade (4) Called in a Russian, having made plans (8)

d. Cigar goes (it exploded) (6) Hesitation in high school girls? (4)

e. Backsliding sin, wearing (tsk!) tank top? (6) In back, taunt imbecile (6)

f. One so excellent must be immortal (6) Metalworker almost dealt a blow (4)

g. Is the owner of 10-speed (6)

Prepared edict about English fraud (6)

h. Former vice president’s sticker (4) Covering G string can be a pain (6)

i. Someone who entertains a large number (4) Devastated city has to bother a short story writer (8)

j. Dance round (4) Bizarre aliens made of sodium chloride (6)

k. Grin maliciously about shortstop being inferior (6) Hate to collect exams? (6)


1. The temperature is in an estimated number? (11)

2. Sounded like Ella made tracks (7) Thaw out, eh? (4)

3. Intentionally lose most of the fight (5) A note on court garb for low life? (6)

4. Band’s sound (4) Timeless illiterate’s signature erased from surface (7)

5. Bird can set in near-storm (11)

6. Embraced by two relatives, the man interjected remark (11)

7. Sweet potato and macaroni fixed after noon (7) Forbids second-rate articles (4)

8. Electra’s brother’s a bad sort, see (7) American editor is not new (4)

9. Republican and radical Saudi spoke (6) Claim anagram game piece having the letter “T” (5)

10.Funny line about calling act “sociable” at a party (11)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to clue-solving, write to The Atlantic Reprint Department. 8 Arlington Street, Boston. Mass. 02116, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Answers to the July Puzzler,


Eleven entries are elements, clued by their atomic numbers in the diagram.

Across. 10. YOGI (double def.) 11. PAL(LIAT)E (tail rev.) 13. D-RATTED 15. ROT-H 17. OLD(IE)S 18. MEANS (double def.) 19. GO-T UP (put rev.) 20. PO(E)T22. “L” IS “T” 26. (d)INNER 28. NE(A)T 30. DIAL (laid rev.; “laid back”) 33. SPLAT (double def.) 36. BI(TI)NG 37. COCK-ADES 38. IS-IS 39. N-ASCENT 41. LUG-E 42. BEMUSE (anag.) 43. ELDERS (double def.) Down. 2. H(OR-O-LOG)E 4. IN(T)REPID (anag. +t) 5. MAD-IS-ON A-VENUE 6. CLOT-HE 7. A(LAR)M 8. BAR-GAIN (pun) 12. T-HEN 14. NO-EL 21. TRAIPSE-D (anag. + d) 23. ST(ON)INGS27. A(RT-IC)LE 29. (S)TAKE 34. PO-L-L 35. T-AXIS 37. CRAB (hidden rev.)