The Atlantic Puzzler


Words are clued in pairs, as numbered. In each such pairing either of the two answers may be clued first. Also, each pairing includes one superfluous word, always occurring between the two clues. The first letters of these 18 superfluous words, taken in order (Aerosses preceding Downs), will spell out a famous couple. Answers include two proper nouns. A word clued at 10-31A is unfamiliar. Punctuation may be used deceptively.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 88.


1-33. Amorous guys and girls followingmother’s rules get thrills from skating lessons (7,7)

6-32. Rodent, using largely keen observation, cagily nears trap (5,5)

10-31. A lot of people drowned one day at sea, but, in consequence. I’m left (6,6)

11-30. Many a female has succeeded in keeping me interested; I will pursue many moments with a lovely lady (5,5)

12-29. Caren, performing maneuvers in catalog, is one who takes nude isometric exercises for sexual arousal(9,9)

13-28. Airman crashing in seaside walkway had fallen asleep making pass (6,6)

15-24. A bit of cleanser for an old farmer or a check for an old gardener? (4,4)

16-23. Cultivated roses in upper class orchards are set out with nothing pink (7,7)

17-22. In funny papers, Hitchcock’s head is possibly drawn distortedly—a scream for picture-makers (7,7)


1-26. Couples blowing off steam are a long way from courtship’s character (5,5)

2-25. Morning exercise has left quite enough numbness, I’m positive, for a swelling of the body (5,5)

3-14. Pair salad off with heavenly duck parts (mine must be prepared with seasoning) (9,9)

4-19. A period of many years certainly is wiping out my crime’s true motive (7,7)

5-18. A peculiar tropic fruit and something sweet for fancy courses (7,7)

6-27. For a building contract she would renegotiate acceptable payment (4,4)

7-21. Odin—he could be made sweet in rite, or could become a violent figure (6,6)

8-20. Advertisers at Zayre’s, having counterfeit articles, run one offsome nerve (6,6)

9-17. Money we raised on small trees—now it’s news being splashed in The Observer (7,7)

Note: The instructions above are for this month’s puzzle only. It is assumed that you know how to decipher clues. For a complete introduction to due-solving, write to The Atlantic Reprint Department, s Arlington Street, Boston. Mass. 02110. enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Answers to the January Puzzler,


Across. 1. NO-TIFIES (on rev. + anag.) 7. J(et C)OLT 11. TEFL-ON (left anag.) 12. LOSE (hidden) 13. FES-TALLY (half of Chiefs anag.) 14. COL( LABORAT)OR 15. A-D(v)ANCED 17. ABUT (homophone of a butt) 19. MET(I)ER 22. MEANLY (anag.) 23. MEAT (anag.) 24. RAT-IONAL (a Lion anag.) 25. UNREST-RICTED (Rice TD anag.) 29. R(ANGi)EST (gain anag.) 30. STEN (rev.) 31. TAKERS (anag.) 32. AD-DS 33. VI(OLE)NCE Down. 1. CLAN (hidden rev.) 2. TE(LEVIS)E 3. IN-S(TALL MEN)TS 4. FLAT (double def.) 5. SCREES (S for n in screen) 6. OFF(END)ER 7. N(ONCOMB)ATANT 8. O-LLA (all rev.) 9. JO-YOUSL-Y (OJ rev. + /oust/ anag.) 10. BOOT(E)D 15. RAPTURED (anag. minus i) 16. D(EEI[C])SIVE (dices anag.) 18. B(ONNET)ED (rev.) 20. STE(eler go)ALS 21. A-T-TIRE 26. GRAD (anag. minus u) 27. TILL (double def.) 28. EAST (hidden)